Google Inbox App Lets You Unring the (EMail) Bell

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Google or Gmail is one of the most preferred email platforms in the whole world. After Apple, most people have preferred to use Gmail and it is for this reason that Gmail is looking forward to enrich the email experience. The studies have shown that about half of the Google mail users, use mail from their mobile phones.

Thus, in order to make the email experience much smoother and better, Google has brought about its new inbox app namely Google Inbox App, which helps you to have an integrated email experience.

All the important mails of the inbox are integrated in one place and hence it makes your inbox experience much faster and more efficient. Google is encouraging its email users to use Google inbox app and hence in this way, the new apps and development are directed towards encouraging people to use their latest apps.

The latest features of the app

The newest inbox of Google is now open to all and has introduced many updates and features which is looking forward to bringing about a huge transformation to the email mobile apps. From the Google inbox app you can easily have access to your Gmail inbox without any extra effort on your parts.

What’s more? You can also use features like undo send, swipe delete and add customized signature. This not only saves you from unwanted embarrassment but also helps you to save a lot of time. While previously, you could not undo any sent messages and if you happened to send an email to an unconcerned person then it may lead to a lot of embarrassment.

So now if you get any second thoughts after sending an email then you can easily choose to undo sent message or can even simply swipe to delete. Other than that if you feel like adding a customized signature then even after sending the message you can easily add the signature.

The other user friendly updates

Google has made some other updates and added a few features which will help the inbox experience to be much richer and user friendly. One of the most coveted features is the trip bundles. So if you are undertaking a trip, then all the related trip information will be stored under one bundle.

All the trip tickets, to do lists, hotel information and so on and so forth will be stored together so that you can easily access them. There is also the feature of adding a reminder. So you can easily set a reminder to your required to do list.

If someone else is sending you the to-do list, then they can also choose to set a reminder to the to do list so that you can get the reminders at the appropriate time. Other than that Google has also established integration with HotelTonight and Eat24 so that you can do your bookings and reservations from the inbox itself, without opening the Google inbox app.

All these newest features and integrations is made with the view to improve Google mail further and to help the users get the maximum benefit from their inbox app.


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