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North Korean Hackers ‘Could Destroy Cities’

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North Korean Hackers are able to attack through which they can destroy the critical infrastructure as well as kill the people, as per the warning of Prof Kim H. K.

In an exclusive interview with BBC Click, Prof Kim H. K stated that North Korean country has an army of more than 6, 000 trained cyber hackers. However; Martyn Williams who is a cyber expert of Korean technology sated that threat is only “theoretical”.

Cyber attack on Sony Pictures, was one of the example and due to that Prof Kim H. K asked the international organizations to take the step to prevent North Korea from launching  more cyber attacks. While speaking with BBC Prof Kim H. K stated that he has the regular contact with the key figures of country who have started the military’s cyber operation in country.

About Bureau 121:

For the duration of more than 20 years Prof Kim H. K taught at Hamheung Computer Technology University however; in 2004 he escaped from country. Prof Kim Heung-Kwang was the teacher of computer science but he never teach the cyber hacking techniques however; his one of the former student form the Bureau 121 which is one of the most notorious hacking unit of North Korea.

It is believed that operational control of Bureau 121 is outside of China and it has been taken the credit for several cyber attacks. Most of the attacks were aimed at the South Korean infrastructure such as; Banks, Power plants and other important private and governmental units of South Korea.

Prof Kim believed that in present 10 per cent to 20 per cent of military budget is only for online operations as the size of North Korean Hackers unit has increased significantly in last few years and currently it has more than 6,000 hackers.

The more he added that the reason behind been harassing other countries in online mode is that North Korea want to inform the other countries that they have cyber war capacity through which they can destroy the cities and even kill the people.

In Offline mode:

Prof Kim told to BBC that we need to collect the evidence on cyber terrorism (for North Korean Hackers) and after that we have to report to UN Human Rights Council for taking the appropriate action. If we will not stop  North Korea,  it will continues to cause serious damages in cyber space, so organization such as; Icann (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) should ban the ban North Korea as it has authority to ban or shut down the North Korean domain .kp, but in the regard the power of Icann is limited. Icann is responsible for distribution and management of domain name such as; .net as well as .com.

Duncan Burns, who is Head of communications in Icann stated that we don’t have power to ban countries from accessing the internet because our primary role is the management and coordination of internet’s unique identifiers for ensuring the proper stability and security of the internet. The more he added that we depend on the law enforcement agencies and governmental regulatory authorities to report the illegal activities in the cyber space and disabling the .kp domain will make the minimal effect as we believed that North Korean Hackers are conducting their operations outside the country.


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