Thync A Mood-Changing Wearable That Zaps Brains

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Thync a New Headset – Wake or Calm People

A newly released headset can wake people up or calm them down by manipulating the electricity in their brain. According to the company, it provides `calm or energy on demand’ by utilising neurosignalling to activate nerves and change the people’s state of mind. The new headset `Thync seems like a small white plastic triangle which can be placed on the forehead and then fed with `Vibes’, which is a specially formulated zaps that either wakes people up or calm them down.

The wearable zaps the brain making the person to feel either calm or energized or both. The company claims that the entire concept is controlled by phones and the zapping lasts for an hour though the effect can go on longer thereafter.

Various reviewers tried the zapping, claiming that it does wake up or put the users to sleep.Thync is wireless, which can be connected to the smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth. Thync can be controlled from the official app, where you can choose the length of your session. Moreover, one can also adjust the strength of the brain zapping, where each program tracks a pattern of greater and lesser intensity with cycles of peaks and valley though one could manually raise or lower the complete strength.

Thync Electrical Pulses Safe

The electrical pulses does not hurt or feel uncomfortable and feels a bit like a gentle shower that trickles into the front of the head. For calming effect, the minimum time needed is five minutes and even the busiest person could manage to squeeze in a full calm before heading out of the door with also a 10 minute calming option.

There are three different energizing modes also which lasts for either 5 or 10 minutes. Thync is said to be a perfectly safe product and is marketed as a lifestyle consumer product and not as a medical one. Though FDA is not regulating it, the same has been independently approved by the Underwriter’s Laboratory – UL, which is a US-based safety organization specializing in electrical devices.

Thync has roots in the academic world and the consumer product utilises `low levels of pulsed electrical energy to signal specific neural pathways, enabling user to dial up or dial down the stress responses as well as energy levels’.

 Thync – Digital Drug

This means that it zaps precise parts of the brain in order to either calm it down or to get motivated or both since these states does not appear to be equally exclusive.

Presently we see Thync as a digital drug, which is the first of its kind that tends to help in starting the day off on a good note. It does not make one a sudden passive participant but tends to push one in the right direction. It seems to be similar to meditation and drugs that have been used for years, but minus mediations’ discipline and drugs unpleasant side effects.

The company is also providing a safety net for those who tend to be a bit doubtful about its effect. If one intends using Thync and finds that it is not doing much, they have the option of returning it within 30 days for a full refund. Pre-orders for Thync have started and the device is priced at US$299 while the replacement sticky strips are priced at $20 for a pack of five.


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