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Google Introduce Fitbit Ace LTE

Google Introduce Fitbit Ace LTE
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As a parent, you definitely want your kid to be safe, independent and healthy. But it is not an easy task in the world of advanced & ever-changing, fast-paced technologies and apps. Because of this reason, Fitbit Ace LTE is introduced, which is a new, first-of-its-kind smartwatch designed for kids ages 7+. Google is trying to do something a bit different in terms of retail availability with this smartwatch at Amazon and its first-party store.

Once the smartwatch was unveiled, Amazon instantly added this to its US homepage in the top carousel. This smartwatch is able to transform exercise into play. Additionally, Fitbit Ace LTE helps kids to share their location with their parents easily.

Movement Through Play:

While kids always prefer moving and running, they also like playing video games. In order to deliver a fully immersive 3D gaming experience on their wrist, this smartwatch comes with a combination of two ideas. If kids make more movements, they can unlock more game time. Each of these games uses sounds, haptics, accelerometers, and more and is made specifically for this smartwatch. The purpose of these games is to provide kids with a lot of fun. The thing that makes this smartwatch exceptional is its new, fresh gaming updates every few months. So, the kids will not get bored at all.

This device can identify every physical activity, such as jumping, playing hide and seek, etc. Every physical activity can be seen in Fitbit’s weirdest activity ring, called the ‘Noodle,’ that is available on the home screen. Once a kid reaches their daily move goal, this ring will celebrate their success.

Fitbit Ace LTE Built Responsibly From The Ground Up:

If it comes to talking about the design of the device, you should know that the Fitbit Ace LTE is completely safe, fun-providing and helpful; as to design this model, the company worked with the leading experts in child psychology, public health, privacy, and digital wellbeing. Besides, the model is designed while keeping privacy in mind.

For instance, parents can only see the location or activity data of their kids in their app. However, the location data is available only for twenty-four hours, and thereafter, it will be deleted. Parents can access the activity data for up to 35 days. No 3rd party app or ad is there. Contacts that a parent has added can only call the device or send messages to it.

The device uses a new movement algorithm which the Google Research team has developed. This algorithm is capable of measuring the physical activity of a kid throughout the day and encourages all types of movements.

Design Of Fitbit Ace LTE:

This new model can seem to you a junior and slightly bulkier version of the Fitbit Versa 4 or Fitbit Sense 2. Unlike the Fitbit Ace 3, which resembles the rectangular Fitbit Inspire 3 model, Fitbit Ace LTE comes in a squircle shape whereas it has a 40mm case and two buttons on its right side. It will be available in two designs, including —

  • one with a light and dark grey color scheme and
  • the other with a white, green, and purple color scheme.

The device’s screen is secured by Gorilla Glass 3 protection. Like the Pixel Watch 2, this new model is available with the same components that include—

  • 2GB of RAM
  • 32GB of storage
  • A Qualcomm SW510 processor.

A World Of Fun With Eejie:

Games are not definitely the endpoint of fun. These customizable creatures, known as eejies, can feed off daily activity. The more the kids will be capable of meeting their goals, the happier Eejie will be. Once the kids move through every game and finish regular activities, they will gain arcade tickets. Kids can use these tickets to customize the look of their eejie with new outfits or to decorate its home in Bit Valley, which is the native home of eejie.

This device comes with six collectible bands. The built-in technology in every band helps to unlock different rooms, styles, items, and Noodles when attached for the first time. You can buy bands separately and you should know that new bands will be released daily.

The measurement of this smartwatch is 41.04 x 44.89 x 13.35 mm, whereas its weight without a band is 28g. The Google Fitbit storefront is available in two colors —Spicy and Mild. It includes a USB-C Fast Charging Cable with +/- indicators and five of the six bands, which we have mentioned below:

  • Strange Arcade Comfort Band
  • Moovin’ Comfort Band
  • Spooky Pugs Comfort Band
  • Glitterbomb Skate Active Band
  • Camp Nightmare Active Band
  • [Missing — Courtside Active Band]

Features To Look For:

  • Call, Message, And Location Sharing: Parents can use the new Fitbit Ace app and the Fitbit Ace Pass to see the actual location of their kids on both iOS and Android devices. Besides, they can make a call, add reliable contacts, send and receive both voice and text messages. In order to avoid the calls and messages during class, managing settings like School Time is also possible.
  • Setup: Parents just need to download Android or iOS Fitbit Ace apps on the supported phone. You don’t need to buy a SIM card or pay an activation fee or visit a carrier, as everything will be included in one easy-to-purchase data plan – the Fitbit Ace Pass. In order to access the LTE connectivity on the device, you will require the Fitbit Ace Pass. This connectivity ensures that calling, messaging, and sharing locations are possible on this smartwatch.Screen: This model is equipped with an AMOLED screen, which has 333 ppi pixel density. Besides, the smartwatch comes with a protective optimal bumper around the case. The smart band comes with a microphone and built-in speaker.
  • Battery: The Fitbit Ace LTE comes with a 328mAh battery that claims to provide you with a maximum battery life of 16 hours. In addition, this model is equipped with exclusive arcade games that encourage and motivate kids to move more.
  • Wi-Fi And Bluetooth: This smartwatch is compatible with Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity. Besides, it is compatible with the 5.0 version of Bluetooth and NFC connectivity.

Price And Availability of Fitbit Ace LTE:

You can pre-order this new smartwatch at the Google Store for $229.95. Or you are able to pre-order it at Amazon’s online store. You can get the Fitbit Ace Pass paying $9.99 monthly. But if you want to subscribe to Fitbit Ace Pass for a year, you need to pay $119.99. As an annual subscriber, you will receive a collectible Ace Band pricing at $34.99. However, saving half of the subscription cost is possible if you purchase the annual plan between now and August 31st. This new smartwatch starts to be available at Google stores and Amazon on June 5th.

Currently, people can buy this model from four physical Google Stores, which are as follows:

  • Chelsea: 76 9th Ave, New York
  • Williamsburg: 134 N 6th St, Brooklyn
  • Mountain View: 2000 North Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View
  • Newbury Street: 153 Newbury St, Boston

The Bottom Line:

In this article, we have covered almost all the details about the Fitbit Ace LTE. If you want to enable the default LTE connectivity to call, message and share location, you need the Fitbit Ace Pass data plan, which allows you to get access to the Fitbit Arcade and receive daily updates, like new games and Noodles.

Frequently Asked Questions  

  1. Can Fitbit Ace 3 go in the water?

Yes, it can go in water because it is water resistant up to 50 metres. Therefore, you can swim wearing this smartwatch — one thing you need to ensure that you dry it off afterward.

  1. What age is Fitbit ace for?

Fitbit Ace is especially designed for kids over six years old. While opening a world of adventure for kids, the virtual badges and animated clock faces of this activity tracker encourage and motivate the kids to move.

  1. Does Fitbit Ace track calories?

As the design of Fitbit Ace 3 is done keeping the children in mind, it can not track everything a grown-up tracker monitors. For instance, you will not find any data on calories burned or any facility that will help you to track weight loss. However, children over 13 years old are able to track these things after creating a standard Fitbit account, which will not open to under-13s.

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