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How to Measure Body Temperature with Pixel 8 Pro?

How to Measure Body Temperature with Pixel 8 Pro
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Do you know, How to Measure Body Temperature with Pixel 8 Pro? Recently, Google announced that it will roll out some new features for those who use Pixel smartphones. Most specifically, Google said that Pixel 8 Pro users are going to be capable of using the thermometer app on their smartphones. So, if you are one of the users of Pixel 8 Pro, you can take the temperature with a forehead scan. Additionally, saving the reading is possible to your Fitbit profile so that you get to know your health updates.

Previously, when Google announced the app, they said that users would take the temperature of coffee or a baby’s milk bottle. But the interesting thing now is that users will be able to scan their body temperature by using the application. The FDA previously reviewed the ability of the thermometer app to take body temperature. So, Google noted that it will roll out once it will be approved.

Pixel 8 Pro Can Measure Body Temperature:

Body Temperature in the thermometer app will be the first FDA-granted temperature app for smartphones that will be available for Pixel 8 Pro. The ability to take the body temperature is one of the new features available in the Thermometer app. This feature lets you scan the forehead of someone quickly using the smartphone.

Thus, it helps to measure the temperature of the body. The software algorithm would help to calculate from 96.9°F to 104°F body temperature, i.e. (36.1°C – 40°C) within ±0.3°C when you compare this with an FDA-cleared temporal artery thermometer. The feature will be capable of offering accuracy like other temporal artery thermometers.

Google’s research and development technical leads developed a device that came with an infrared sensor to measure body temperature which is evolving in order to become a feature for the Pixel model. Almost all people carry phones most of the time. That is why it is simple to measure body temperature without an extra device. FDA gave De Novo classification to the body temperature app, which will be available on any smartphone for the first time. Currently, you can enjoy the feature on Pixel 8 Pro. Let’s check how the app is built.

How is the First Smartphone Body Temperature App Built:

The team of the Pixel 8 Pro added an infrared sensor adjacent to its rear camera. It helped to power the object temperature feature at the time of launch. Currently, it also powers the body temperature feature. You can easily measure the temperature on Pixel 8 Pro. In order to do so, you need to point your device’s rear camera at the forehead, and then you have to sweep across. The application in the smartphone can scan the temporal artery for measuring your temperature. This body thermometer app is not like other forehead thermometers that are less accurate and pointed at the forehead’s center. After scanning the temperature, the sensor’s data in the body temperature app will be passed to an algorithm. It will later be used in order to compute the temperature. You can then see the temperature on the smartphone powered by the Tensor G3 chip.

How Does The Body Temperature App In Pixel 8 Pro Work?

Because of the infrared sensor’s wide field of view, it becomes possible to sense heat beyond the forehead even when your device is too far away from the forehead. Human arteries are small in size. Therefore, you will get more accuracy in the reading when you are closer to the device.

It is necessary to hold the smartphone near your forehead. But you should not touch it to prevent the spread of germs. People usually look at the screen while using most apps. But it doesn’t happen when you use it on your forehead. Using another Pixel sensor is the solution. With the help of the LDAF sensor, it is possible to power the autofocus system.

The sensor informs you if you are putting the smartphone close enough to a person’s forehead before measuring. Additionally, the sensor lets you know what the ideal position is to get accurate results. In order to assist users, the team gave haptics and audio instructions. Thus, sweeping your Pixel 8 Pro across the forehead & past the temporal artery is possible.

The FDA De Novo Grant Process:

The temperature sensor of the device can be used broadly. However, the team thought that body temperature readings should be more important due to their health implications. People know that thermometers are actually regulated medical devices. Therefore, the team needed to run the feature via rigorous testing. Also, they needed to undergo a review as a part of De Novo classification request with the FDA, before launching the feature in the US. They tested the product on multiple participants.

The Functionality of LDAF In The Body Thermometer App in Pixel 8 Pro:

Google uses LDAF or laser detection autofocus sensors also for the feature. According to the Pixel product manager, this sensor is generally used for the autofocus system and helps to detect if the smartphone is close enough to the forehead of the person before starting the measurement taking process.

The sensor informs you through the Pixel 8 Pro that if you are keeping your smartphone at the perfect angle to take a reading. Google offered haptics and audio instructions also in order to provide the necessary guides. Thus, people get to know how to sweep their smartphones across the forehead and past the temporal artery.

How to Measure Body Temperature with Pixel 8 Pro:

These are the steps you need to follow in order to measure body temperature with Pixel 8 Pro:

  • Your first job is to open your device’s rear camera on the smartphone.
  • Then, you need to point this towards your or another’s forehead.
  • In order to take readings, you need to sweep the camera of your device across the forehead.

You need to keep in mind that to use the feature, there is no need to open the Thermometer app. There are several forehead thermometers that you need to point at the centre of the forehead, but these are less accurate. The body temperature app in the Pixel 8 Pro is not like those thermometers and can scan the temporal artery to measure the temperature of the user accurately.

How to Use Thermometer, the Temperature Checking App:

If you are willing to use the feature on your device, remember that the first thing is opening the app which is installed already. The location of the app can be the app drawer. You are able to find this by typing its name in the search bar. Now, let’s look at the steps you need to follow to do so.

  • First, you have to open the app, and thereafter, you need to tap on the option ‘Object temperature.’
  • Selecting the material of the object you are willing to measure is your next job.
  • Your job now is to hold the mobile about 2” away from the targeted object. Thereafter, you need to press the ‘Tap to measure’ button. You might have to close for tiny items.
  • If you see a hot steam coming from the item, it is necessary to measure the area of the targeted object that has not been covered. You can also hold the temperature off until the steam clears. You have to think of this as an image. Ensure that the steam is not blocking your image.
  • You can see the temperature appearing after a few seconds on the screen.

Ways to Use Pixel 8 Pro’s Temperature Checker:

With the help of the temperature sensor of your device, it is possible to make your regular tasks convenient. Are you willing to make your room feel more cozy? Then, you can try these ways in order to benefit the temperature sensor of your Pixel 8 Pro:

  • Safe Baby-feeding:

You can measure baby formula or milk’s temperature using this feature in order to feed your child while traveling.

  • A Helping Hand At Bathtime:

You can get the right temperature of your bathwater. So, you will not need to worry about the safety of your children, as they will definitely enjoy their bathtime.

  • Acing Your Baking:

You can use the feature to check the warmth of your oven. Thus, you can make your bakes perfect. Or you can direct the sensor at the baked goods to see if these is edible (measuring the temperature — warm or cool).

  • Regulate Your Workspace:

Now, you can measure the work environment’s temperature to stop overheating or shivering at your desk. Thus, you are able to adjust accordingly.

  • Maximize Shelf-life:

You can measure the temperature variations in the freezer in order to keep food items fresh for a long time.

  • Future-proof Your Products:

When you store your skincare and cosmetics items at a temperature that is too cold or too hot, it could damage the formulas. So, using this feature, you will be able to monitor the temperature of your perfume, lotion and serums to keep your skincare routine effective.

  • Keep Your Tech Running:

Use Pixel 8 Pro in order to check temperature on the gadgets. Thus, you will be able to detect the rising temperatures. In this way, you can ensure that your devices are safe and working properly, even on the hottest days.

  • Curb Potential Car Issues:

Using this feature, you will be able to monitor your engine’s temperature. Thus, you can make sure that the vehicle can run smoothly before starting your adventure.

Temperature Sensing in Wearables vs. the Pixel 8 Pro:

Temperature sensing was first supported by the Apple Watch Series 8. But the Pixel 8 Pro is the latest gadget that is capable of supporting body temperature measurements. The feature was added by Apple to that wearable in 2022. You can also find temperature sensors in other wearables, including the Oura ring and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6.

What makes these different is that the wearable device measures temperature through your wrist or finger because it contacts your skin directly. On the flip side, the Pixel 8 Pro device uses an infrared sensor. Thus, it can pass data through an algorithm in order to display the temperature.

The temperature sensor of the Pixel 8 Pro is used to take the on-demand checks. On the other hand, the wearables use the temperature sensor to take passive measurements at the time of sleeping so that identifying the changes in the baseline temperature over time is possible. You can use such readings to compute wider insights like readiness scores or cycle tracking. The feature in the Pixel 8 Pro may feel like an unusual addition. However, sometimes, it can become beneficial.

The Bottom Line:

The feature is designed in such a way that it can run on your smartphone without any internet connection. Besides, the manufacturer team will provide instructions that will be simple to understand. The main target is to ensure that everyone is capable of using the tool reliably. Regarding the accuracy of the product, the team is very proud. However, the team is most excited about the convenience and ease of use of this tool.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Measure Body Temperature with Pixel 8 Pro:

  1. Does the Pixel 8 Have A Thermometer?

If you use Pixel 8 Pro and are willing to use the temperature measurement feature, your first job is to open the Thermometer app, which you have already installed. Then, you need to type it in your search bar, or your task is to find this in the app drawer. Now, you are capable of opening the application. Thereafter, you need to tap “Object temperature.” Next, your job is to select the material of your object which you will measure.

  1. How accurate is the Pixel 8 Pro temperature sensor?

The software algorithm could measure body temperature between 96.9°F and 104°F (36.1°C – 40°C) to within 0.3°C more or less when you compare this with an FDA-cleared temporal artery thermometer.

  1. Which phones can measure temperature?

You are able to use your Pixel phone in order to measure the surface temperature of the object. The location of the temperature sensor is on the top-right of your phone’s back, adjacent to the camera. Ensure that the object does not touch the mobile.

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