iPhone 15 Pro vs. Google Pixel 8 Pro

iPhone 15 Pro vs. Google Pixel 8 Pro
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You can’t easily find someone who doesn’t use Android or iPhone. But it becomes tougher to stay loyal to a single OS because of this year’s flagship Smartphones. iPhone 15 Pro from Apple comes with multiple upgrades from its predecessor. Whereas, being equipped with a fantastic camera, the Pixel 8 Pro ensures that it is going to be the best phone of the company. Let us discuss more on this review “iPhone 15 Pro vs. Google Pixel 8 Pro”.

iPhone 15 Pro vs. Google Pixel 8 Pro:


iPhone 15 Pro has professional cameras, on the other hand, the Pixel 8 Pro comes with AI cameras. You can get excellent pictures using both models. So, when it comes to talking about “iPhone 15 Pro vs Google Pixel 8 Pro regarding camera” — there is no debate.

The camera in iPhone 15 Pro seems like these were physical point-and-shooters. You can find a new 48-megapixel main lens that comes with a sensor that lets in light & detail more than before. It has three lens-equivalent shooting modes — 24mm, 28mm, and 35mm.

Telephoeto Lens

On the iPhone 15 Pro, you can find a 12-megapixel telephoto lens providing 3x optical zoom. For the 15 Pro Max, you can get the 12-megapixel tetraprism lens, which is used for 5x optical zoom. However, you can also see 12-megapixel ultrawide cameras on Pixel 8 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro.

The normal iPhone shooting modes are available on board, such as Photographic Styles, Cinematic mode, and Portrait mode. It has got so much improvement to ensure that soft backgrounds are more natural, and you can enable them on images that are captured in the default “Photo” mode. Once you dig into settings, you will see multiple toggles & switches for ProRes capture in order to shoot RAW pictures in full resolution.

LOG Video Capture

Moreover, there will be switches for LOG video capture, which is a video recording without colour information (preferred by professional videographers for accuracy in post-production). Besides, there are default focal length options and many more things. Whereas, Google also has taken an AI approach to photography. An improved 50-megapixel main lens exists on its backside with a 64-megapixel ultrawide & a 48-megapixel 5x telephoto lens.

This one is similar hardware to the iPhone, which has similar shooting modes. But it does not let you access the LOG video recording. However, you are capable of capturing RAW pictures. And for more granular control, you need to use a professional shooting mode.

In post-processing, Google’s device shines, and it happens with each Pixel phone. Google included several features with this generation. The exceptional AI strengths and the amazing features that the company has included in this model can not be matched by any other company. For instance, Best Take is used to get the perfect group photo by blending faces from many frames to prevent people from blinking or looking away.

Magic Editor is one of the great features, which uses artificial intelligence to move objects around the frame. It uses different filters & backgrounds to change the tone of images. In addition, the Audio Magic Eraser is helpful in removing background noise from videos. With the help of the Magic Eraser feature, you can remove unnecessary objects & subjects from images. The Photo Unblur feature allows you to unblur pictures in your Google Photos library.


People willing to use the brightest screen need to go for Pixel 8 Pro. Brightness is an area where Google has won. All boxes are checked by the 6.7-inch Super Actua Display for a flagship smartphone. For example, it features a 120Hz refresh rate for super-smooth scrolling, a sharp Quad HD+ resolution, and an OLED panel for deep contrast. On the other hand, the real kicker is able to reach up to 2,400 nits. That’s why the Pixel 8 Pro can be considered as one of the brightest smartphones available on the market.

Obviously, the displays of the iPhone 15 Pro are no slouches. This model has the most colour-accurate display, which comes with a balanced approach to saturation. But these are able to peak at 2000 nits when it comes to brightness.

Of course, no one is going to use the phone at peak brightness all the time. Until it is in direct sunlight, both of the models will wait to use the full force. Those who want the easiest screen to see in the sun, the Pixel 8 Pro is always up to the mark.

Robust Titanium Vs. Beautiful Aluminum:

The iPhone 15 Pro has made the switch to a titanium frame in 2023, the result of which the phone gets an industrial vibe. While it is lighter than the 14 Pro series, it will be more comfortable to hold. The reason is that Apple included slight curves to the phone edges to contour with your hand rather than pressing into your hand like the squared-off edges on the phones of 2022. In addition, there is an Action button. You can reprogram the Action button to any action you want, whether it is opening an app or muting your phone.

In terms of design, the Pixel 8 Pro has not taken any massive departures from the 7 Pro. However, it retains the awesome aesthetic of Google. This time, the corners look a bit rounder because the display glass isn’t curved. Therefore, many potential buyers are going to appreciate it. The earlier Pixel 7 Pro’s screen has curved edges.

Compared to the iPhone, the Pixel 8 Pro is able to grab attention a lot quicker. All credits go to the huge camera bar, glossy border, and more vibrant colours. It doesn’t mean that the iPhone is ugly or anything. Instead, we should say that both phones are great at their prices. But If you are someone who is willing to have a conversation starter of a smartphone, you need to try the Pixel.


iPhone 15 Pro is available in two sizes, whereas Pixel 8 Pro is available in one size. The smaller Pixel 8 does not offer the same pro-level experience as one can get from the Pixel 8 Pro. Apple keeps its Pro and Pro Max identical almost. What differentiates these two models is mainly the camera. Therefore, if you are looking for a 6.1-inch professional smartphone, you should use the 15 Pro. But those who want a 6.7-inch display should go for 15 Pro Max and Pixel 8 Pro.


The rumour about a $100 price hike for the iPhone 15 Pro Max is true. However, Apple drops the 128GB model and has put 256GB as its base. The price of the iPhone 15 Pro is $999. We also get rumours that the price of the Google Pixel 8 Pro might be increased by $100. And it has become true similarly. It indicates that both models officially have the same price.


The action button was introduced first on the Apple Watch Ultra. This feature is unique to both iPhone 15 Pro & Apple. You can set the fully customisable button to open an app. Or you can set this button to perform system functions such as opening the camera or turning on the flashlight. Now, there is a dedicated button for any action you perform. If you want to have the customization of a button which is capable of doing almost every task, then you should try the iPhone 15 Pro.

It is the first time the Google Pixel Pro 8 comes with matte back glass, alongside being built with Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2. Besides, the model has been confirmed to have Obsidian, Porcelain, and Bay colours. While the base Pixel 8 model has retained the Obsidian option, it also comes with Hazel and rose colour schemes.

The weight and measurement of Pixel 8 pro are 7.5 ounces & 6.4 x 3.0 x 0.3 inches. On the other hand, the measurement of the iPhone 15 Pro is 5.8 x 2.8 x 0.3 inches, whereas its weight is 6.6 ounces. Therefore, the latter one is both larger and heavier.


iPhone 15 Pro has made the leap over to the 3 nm process of TSMC with A17 Pro. It can pack 19 billion transistors in A17 Pro. Besides, it provides 20% faster graphics, 10% faster CPU performance, and supports hardware-accelerated ray tracing.

A 4-nanometer process is followed to build Google’s Tensor G3 chipset. It is expected that Pixel will soon get a quality update in performance, too. There exists a nine-core CPU, and its maximum speed is 3.00GHz. The 10-core Immortalis variant of the G715 GPU might unlock ray-tracing capabilities. You are capable of looking forward to Google upgrading for which Tensor is famous — its AI smarts. The new TPU is capable of running at a faster speed. It seems quite set to boost the speed of ML tasks and processing AI.

Google keeps on improving its Tensor processors in its Pixel phones. And the Tensor G3 is going to be the best-ever feature which Google has shipped. Pixel 8 Pro comes with improved AI chops, faster regular performance & improved efficiency. This model comes with 12GB of RAM. It is the fastest pixel to date. Besides, it is capable of competing with other Snapdragon-powered devices, such as Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

When it comes to raw performance, nothing can beat the iPhone 15 Pro. The new A17 Pro processor of Apple, which is the first one that uses a 3-nanometer process, is quite impressive. In daily usage, it can offer exceptional performance while being paired with 8GB of RAM. If it comes to talking about gaming and multitasking, the strongest focus of Apple is on the 15 Pro series. In addition, it is quite efficient, limiting the use of the battery to the same amount as the A16 Bionic in the iPhone 14 Pro model for all-day battery life.

iPhone 15 Pro vs. Google Pixel 8 Pro Battery Life:

This factor is not going to be so important for those people who do not use their phones enough every day. But for those who prioritize battery life, the Pixel 8 Pro will be the best option. It has a battery capacity of 4,950mAh, whereas the battery capacity of the iPhone’s model is 3,274mAh.

If you use an iPhone 15 Pro Max or Pixel 8 Pro, there is nothing to be worried about the battery life. Both Google and Apple offer impressive phones that feature big screens & powerful processors. In addition, these models are capable of providing battery life throughout the day. It means that the battery can last almost 16 hours. So, you can travel for photo shooting sessions, play games throughout the day, or scroll through social media.

These mobiles take almost the same amount of time to recharge. The Pixel 8 Pro features 30W charging, whereas iPhone 15 Pro is able to reach up to 27W. You can juice up from 0% to 100% in just over an hour. Besides, you can enjoy wireless charging on every phone. However, the iPhone only comes with proper MagSafe support. Therefore, you need to fumble around with the Pixel in order to get this to line up with the coils of the charger before it starts recharging. If you think that battery life is a serious concern, then the Pixel 8 Pro will not definitely disappoint you.

Smartest Phone Software:

Based on Android 14, the pixel experience is excellent. It comes with a clean interface, which is quite impressive. You will benefit from several mind-grabbing features, which can improve your daily life, such as Call Screen, which allows you to use Google Assistant in order to answer & screen calls on your behalf.

Direct My Call is a feature used to turn business phone trees into menus. In addition, the Now Playing feature shows the song which is playing around you on the lock screen. At a Glance is a widget showing contextual information such as events. The latest version comes with an AI wallpaper generator through which you are capable of using your voice to type and use the Assistant in order to summarize articles on the internet.

Whereas iOS 17 on the iPhone 15 Pro model is taking a different approach as it will help to improve your iOS experience. There are several amazing features, such as Contact Posters for custom caller IDs, and StandBy mode that helps to turn the iPhone into a mini smart display. Whereas the live voicemail feature helps in reading transcriptions of voicemails, as these will be recorded. The NameDrop feature helps to share contact info with just a tap.

SIM Cards:

Apple is not going to ship new iPhones in the US with physical SIM card slots. Rather than that, they are planning to switch to eSIM. Hence, you need to download your SIM card from your carrier so that it can work. It indicates that in comparison with a physical SIM card, it is more secure. Besides, it is irritating to move between phones, and it wants you to contact your carrier whether you wish to move this to a non-iPhone.

When you use Pixel 8 Pro, you can see that the SIM card tray is being kicked around to let you pop out your card anytime you wish and then switch to something else. So, it can be said that if you like to access a physical SIM card, you should go with Pixel 8 Pro. This iPhone 15 Pro is capable of using eSIM.

On iPhone 15 Pro, Apple’s iOS 17 takes another approach. Hence, you can experience impressive features which are as follows:

  • Contact Posters that are used for custom caller IDs;
  • StandBy mode, which is used to turn the iPhone into a mini smart display;
  • Live Voicemail that helps to read transcripts of voicemails, which will be recorded;

The common thing in these platforms is the software support. Apple started supporting iPhones 5-6 years after their release. Google guarantees 7 years of software updates in the Pixel 8 Pro, which is first in the Android industry. These devices are perfect for those who want to hold their phones as long as they can.

Do These Have The Same Port?

When you see the bottom of these two phones, you might think of seeing double. The reason is that both phones, for the first time, come with the same exact USB-C charging port. In order to please EU regulators, Apple ditched lightning with the 15 Pro model. It also adopted the universal port. Therefore, you are able to use the same cable for charging in both cases. Google Pixel 8 Pro is able to charge faster than iPhone. In addition, it is capable of transferring data in less time. So, it can be said that you require only one type of cable at the day’s end for both devices.

The Bottom Line:

Apple & Google both are hitting it out of the park with their Pro phones this year. Both the iPhone 15 Pro and Pixel 8 Pro come with exceptional design, battery life, performance, and camera quality. These phones come with multi-year software update guarantees and are long-lasting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Pixel 8 Pro worth it?

This one justifies the price, and all credits go to the long software support. Although the Pixel 8 does not include the straight-line processor performance of its rivals, it is still an excellent phone that users will enjoy using.

Which is best, Apple or Pixel?

If you need more features, effective Google services, quick Android updates & a more intelligent voice assistant, then you have to go for the Google Pixel 8 Pro. But in case you own other Apple devices already and rely on their services, you can go with the iPhone.

What is the difference between iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro?

While the iPhone 15 Pro includes 8GB RAM, the iPhone 15 model comes with 6GB. When it comes to software, these models are capable of running on the same iOS 17 platform.

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