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How to set up the Apple TV on iPhone?

apple tv on iphone
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Are you striving to check out how to set up the Apple Tv on iPhone? Then you came to the right place; here I’ll let you know about setting up the Apple Tv app.

Usually, people love the Apple app because it is the central hub for exclusive movies and tv shows. The Apple Tv app has lots of fresh movies and tv show content. Apart from that, its also having other collections to watch out.

Apple TV has drastically changed since its launch. Many features are incorporated into this app and made it a hub for movies and tv show content.

Previously this Apple TV app is known as the videos app on the iPhone and iPad. But with the release of IOS 10.2 in 2016, this has changed the videos app name into the Apple TV App.

This app is supported by services such as Starz, HBO Now, Hulu, CBS, and other Uk Streaming channels as well.

Until now, we have checked about the description of Apple Tv. Now, let’s check out how do get the APple Tv App on your iPhone and iPad devices.

Later on, we’ll check out how to set up Apple Tv on the iPhone and iPad.

How to get Apple TV on iPhone?

To get Apple TV App on your iPhone and iPad, you have to download and install the latest version of the IOS on your device.

Then you have to check whether an update is available or not. If possible, better update the app to get better features.

Now, search for the new Apple TV app on your iPhone. If you can’t, see that on your device home screen? Then go to the app lists to find it out.

Let’s check out how Apple’s new TV app works on iPhone?

How does Apple’s New TV App work on iPhone?

Apple TV app offers a wide range of features for the iPhone and other devices as well. In this post, let’s check out some of the top features of the Apple iPhone.

Single Sign-on option in Apple TV on iPhone:

This is a helpful feature in the Apple Tv app as you have to log in only once. Then after you can easily browse your favorite shows and movies without signing in every time.

Apple calls the feature a “Single Sign-on” feature. Apart from that, you’ll also be invited to connect apps to the Apple TV app when sharing your viewing data.

Watch Now feature:

The Watch Now Screen feature in your TV app helps you to access all the movies, tv shows, and other programs you are currently watching on Apple TV. Regardless of the device you use to view the program, you can start from where you left on this feature.

This is one of the cool features of Apple TV on the iPhone. Apart from this, it will also give you suggestions to choose from, which comes handy for users as well.

Movies, Tv Shows, Sports Categories:

Apple tv app on the iPhone has all the popular categories covered. All the types are broken down into accessible and manageable sections in the app. So, it’s helpful to access the iTunes store as well.


Apple Tv app has a library screen that helps you to find out all the best movies and tv shows that are available. You can also view which movies and tv shows you have already purchased recently on iTunes. Apart from that, you can also see rented shows in the library. You can access these with one click play option.

Search option in Apple TV on iPhone:

Apple does a great job of creating a user-friendly atmosphere for this Apple Tv on iPhone. You can search or enter tv shows or movie titles in the search bar to browse movies you love. Apart from that, you can also search for trending movies and tv shows as well.

These are the best features to watch out in apple Tv on iPhone.

How to set up the Apple TV on iPhone:

With the Apple TV app on the iPhone, you can watch Apple Tv+ originals as well. Apart from that, you can check out your favorite shows, sports, live news, movies, and more.

All you have to do is subscribe to Apple TV channels such as Showtime or HBO to watch titles from streaming services, and you can even take the connection from the cable providers.

As Apple TV is supported on all smart TVs and streaming devices, you can watch in on the go on iPhone as well. The app is available on your iPhone device; if not update your iPhone, you’ll see the app.

Subscribe to Apple TV+:

To watch and explore breathtaking content, you need to subscribe to the Apple TV+. However, it’s not available in all the countries or regions).

You can subscribe to the Apple Tv+ and share it with your “Six” family members for no additional charge. So, you can try it out to get the best shows to watch on your iPhone.

  • Firstly, open the Apple Tv app on the iPhone, then go to watch now section.
  • Click on Apple Tv+ Row and start a free one-year Apple Tv+ subscription.
  • You can even start a free 7-day trial
  • Subscribe to the monthly subscription.

Finally, review the subscription details and confirm it with your touch ID, face ID, or your Apple ID.

If you are eager to subscribe to your Apple tv channel from the iPhone? Then follow the below process.

  • Click on watch now, then scroll down to the “Available channels.”
  • Then start a free trial or get a monthly subscription.
  • Review your subscription details and enjoy the show.

If you are eager to add your cable or satellite service to your Apple TV App? Then check the below option.

Add Cable or Satellite service:

The single sign-on provides you with immediate access to quickly support all the video apps on your package.

  • Head over to the settings — TV Provider.
  • Choose the tv provider, then sign in with the provider logins.

This is how to set up Apple Tv on iPhone and iPad. As Apple Tv is a pre-built app on the iPhone or iPad, you don’t have to do much to set it up.

Conclusion: You easily access Apple Tv on iphone as its a pre-built app that is replaced by the videos app. All you need is a subscription to enjoy the latest -trending shows.

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