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FM Radio App for Android without Internet for Free

FM Radio App for Android without Internet
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Coronavirus outbreak has made people stay in their homes to protect themselves. So, people are often using their data packs to explore different things online. But, all those data packs only last a couple of hours, so people are looking at the FM Radio App for Android Without Internet.

If you are one of them, who is striving to check out the best FM radio app for Android without Internet? Then you have come to the perfect place. In this post, we will let you know about the best FM radio app for Android without internet, that is which can be used without Wi-Fi or Active data connection.

Generally, most people don’t know that they can access FM radio apps without the Internet. Usually, there are a ton of FM radio apps for all platforms such as Android, iPhone, Mac, and windows. These apps work only with active mobile data or Wi-Fi or internet connection.

Without having a functional data connection, you can’t connect to the FM radio apps. Practically we can use Smartphone to access FM radio app without Internet.

Smartphone these days have a built-in FM radio receiver chip that can access radio signals through offline mode. All the people have to do is install an app that transmits the receiver chip and accepts the signal coming from the other end to enjoy FM radios.

These FM Radio Apps for Android without Internet helps you in emergencies. As you are striving to use the FM radio without the Internet, you can access these apps to save your data and later use it for your essential needs.

In this post, we will let you know about the best Fm radio apps for Android without Internet. Let’s explore the Fm radio app for Android without the Internet.

What You Need to Enable The FM Radio Tuner in Your Phone:

If you want to listen to FM radio on a smartphone without any network connection, these are the things you will need:

  • A Phone with a Built-in FM Radio Chip: Your smartphone should have FM radio capability, which has to be turned on. The manufacturer needs to activate the feature, whereas the carrier has to accept it.
  • Wired Earbuds or Headphones: FM radio will only work with an antenna. When users listen to an FM radio broadcast on their smartphones, it uses wires in headphones or earbuds as an antenna.
  • An FM Radio App: Does your device have an FM radio chip? Then, you will need an app to access the chip.

Listening to the Online Radio on Android Phones:

Just like iPhones, Android phones can also receive the same FM stations and can include a link to the radio on the home screen. You need to check around the screen on the smartphone and swipe. Do it continuously until you get to know where everything is located.

  • Phone Type:

Based on what Android smartphone you use, your device might have a built-in FM receiver. For instance, FM apps can be pre-installed on a few Motorola and Samsung phones. You need to search your phone type. Then, you can see the location and steps in order to unlock the FM receiver.

Android offers several ways to get an FM signal. Most Android devices do not require an internet connection. Do you have an app already, or have you already unlocked the FM receiver? In that case, you are able to get this signal with just a click. Keep in mind that you can open the FM option with several clicks. If you use an old model, you may need to do a long search.

Which Phones Have FM Radio Receivers?

Smartphone makers are able to disable the default FM radio receivers. Sometimes, carriers want the feature to be disabled in order to stop consumer complaints about poor radio reception.

Although FM chips can remain disabled on several phones, you can get this available on multiple handsets. HTC, LG, Motorola, and Samsung manufacturers offer several smartphones that come with functional FM chips. All major US cellular providers support at least one FM-enabled phone. However, Apple is a big exception. The reason is that you do not find any iPhone with activated FM chips. Although iPhone 6 and older models come with FM chips, connecting an antenna to the chip is not possible.

Best Fm Radio App for Android without Internet:

We have listed these best FM radio apps for Android without the Internet by trying out different offline Fm Radio apps. Choose the best one you love and enjoy the FM streaming for free and stay safe at home.

iHeart Radio – Best Fm Radio App for Android without Internet:

iHeart Radio is one of the best FM radio apps for Android without Internet. This app is one of the popular offline radio apps that has more than 50 million downloads on Google Play Store.

If you’re striving to listen to music for free? Then you should be installing this FM Radio App for Android with the Internet. You can stream unlimited music and listen to thousands of live radio stations in this app. This app is a perfect choice for people who are striving to save their data pack and listen to the music channel.

iHeart Apps user interface is clean, so all can use this app hasslefree. You can connect to the local radio stations, apart from that you can enjoy all the shows on all types of categories. This app helps you to discover thousands of local FM radio stations across the globe. You can even tune into the breaking news, sports talk, and more radio shows.

Browse top radio stations such as ESPN Radio, Fox Sports Radio, FNTSY Sports Radio, Radio Mirchi, and more.


  • Tune into local radio streams for free.
  • This podcast app features popular shows such as NPR, How stuff works, ESPN Podcasts, Big money players, TED, wondery, and more.
  • Discover trending shows with iHeart Radio Podcast App Charts.
  • You can follow your favorite podcasts without the need for Wi-Fi and Internet connection.
  • Play free Artist Radio Stations as well.

Tune in Radio:

Tune in radio is another excellent offline radio app you should download to listen to music for free. In this app, you can listen to live radio streams such as breaking news, sports games, local Am & FM stations.

With this app, you can tune in to the political news radio stations such as CNN Radio, CNBC radio, Fox news talk, and more. This special app has more than 100 million downloads, and it’s a top-rated app across the globe. It serves in more than 230 countries and is used by a broad audience.

This app has the world’s largest library of live music, and you can discover new radio stations as well. You can watch live sports, fast-breaking news, music channels and more. With this app, you can catch all the radio stations such as NFL, MLB, NBA, and more. You’ll love this app if you are striving to check out the live sports radio station.

Enjoy Endless music with this exclusive music station that are curated by renowned DJs and major signers. You can also listen to the trending podcasts, and other TED talks radio for inspirational talks. This app is available on all platforms, and it’s free for all users. Never miss music streams by installing this fabulous Fm app for Android without Internet.


  • The cross-Platform app that is supported by all platforms.
  • Never miss a live sports game with its live sport streams.
  • Enjoy Endless Music streams.
  • Stream local AM & Fm channels across the globe.
  • Get breaking news from all the angles with its radio streams.
  • Listen to your favorite Podcasts.

Simple Radio – FM Radio app for Android without Internet:

Simple Radio is one of the best Fm radio app for Android without Internet. This app is similar to the above apps, but it has some extra features as well. It is having more than 10 million downloads on the play store and has the best rating as well.

With this best FM radio app for Android, you can access a wide range of music streams throughout the world. It’s the easiest way to tune into the FM & AM Radio. In this app, you can explore more than 50,000 stations worldwide. You can tune all the ones you love and have the best time.

This offline FM radio app helps you to discover new gems around the world with its best collections. It’s really easy to use and has excellent features such as genre to hear new music, category search, and more. Listen to the top radio stations such as NPR Radio, BBC Radio, WABC, La Maga, KNBR, and local Radio stations as well. If you are a sports lover, then you can check out NFL, NBA, MLS, NHL, and more.

This is one of the best FM Radio App for Android with internet you need to save your net pack and start enjoying.


  • Simple Radio has a clean user interface, so it’s easy to use.
  • It has a wide range of radio station collections throughout the world.
  • One tap access to favorites is the best feature.
  • You don’t have to face any interruptions or buffering because it can be accessed without internet.
  • Access your music anywhere in the world.

Radio Online – Fm Radio App for Android:

Radio online is another FM radio app for Android, which can be accessed without the internet. If you are striving to check out the best FM radio app for Android without Internet? Then you have to check out this Radio online app.

With this app, you can access hundreds of radio stations. To access international FM, you have to use the internet connection, but for local, you don’t need internet access. This PC Radio has more than 10 million installs on play store, and thousands of people love this app for its best features.

This app can consume a low speed of internet connection to stream high-quality audio, but trust me, it won’t consume more than 15MB -20MB for hours of streaming. You can enjoy streaming your favorite radio stations from anywhere. Whether you are chilling out with friends or driving in your car or staying ideal at home, you can use this app.


  • This app can help you play different genres of radio stations.
  • It does not drain your phone’s battery like other apps.
  • Explore songs on categories like dance, pop, relax, rock, and more.
  • Use this app from anywhere in the world.
  • Easy to use.

Next Radio – Free Live FM Radio:

Next Radio is one of the essential offline FM Radio Apps you have to consider. This app has an excellent user interface and gives a great experience for listening to the radio. In this app, you can access the radio with or without the internet. So, if you are striving to save your data pack, then you can use this simple app.

This app will activate the FM receiver chip on your phone and easily transmit all the local radio channels. It also saves your battery life compared to the steaming. This app helps you out in emergencies to listen to the breaking news, music, sports streams, and more.

The special emergency listening capabilities makes this app special. If you are striving to save your data packs, then consider this app as it can help you save data and even helps you with getting rid of boredom.


  • Access radio stations across the globe.
  • Emergency listening capabilities.
  • Activates the FM chip and allows you to listen to NextRadio.
  • Clean user interface.

Google Play Music:

Most of you might be shocked by this “Google Play Music” app. But, now google play music app for Android lets you listen to the radio even without an active internet connection with offline caching.

Use the “Keep on Device” feature from the context menu. Along with that pin, the radio station and you can listen to that offline. This is a useful option you can use. However, you can only save a few songs in your cache.

The other updates, such as Play Next option and shuffle features can also be helpful. This is all about the best Fm radio app for Android without internet.


These are the best FM Radio App for Android without Internet. If you are searching for more FM radio apps, then you should checkout other radio apps such as “”, Next Radio and more.

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