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How to Eject Water from iPhone Using Siri Shortcut?

How to Eject Water from iPhone Using Siri Shortcut
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Have you dropped your iPhone by mistake in the water? Then, you might wonder how to eject the water from your mobile speaker. Although iPhones have an IP rating, they never indicate that water doesn’t get stuck there. In case, water enters via the speaker grills on your iPhone, it may make the audio muffled. No one wants it to happen. But still, if it happens accidentally, a few ways exist through which you can eject water from the speakers of your mobile. For instance, you may use a Siri Shortcut or a website or app to push out the liquid. In this article, we will let you know how to eject water from iPhone speakers.

Where is the Water Eject Shortcut?

The Water Eject shortcut is an app you can download from the Shortcuts Gallery website. Then, you must add this to the Shortcut app on your iPhone. You can access this from the iPhone’s shortcut app.

How to eject water from an iPhone using a Siri Shortcut:

  • Your first task is to open the browser on your iPhone. Then, head toward the Shortcuts Gallery that you need to open in the new tab. Once you tap on Get Shortcut, you can get the Water Eject shortcut, followed by Add Shortcut on the subsequent display.
  • Then, you can see Shortcuts. After that, you can see the Water Eject shortcut in the other shortcuts you have stored in the application.

Now, it is possible to activate the shortcut in these ways.

Activate Water Eject Using The Shortcuts App:

You need to use the Shortcuts app to activate the Water Eject shortcut.

  • Your first job is opening the Shortcut app. After that, you can click on the Water Eject shortcut. Once you see the menu appearing on display, you should click on the Begin Water Ejection option.
  • You can see a tone playing for fifteen seconds. Then, you will see a pop-up message which gives you an alert that the water has been ejected from the speaker.

Activate Water Ejection Using A Siri Voice Command:

Don’t you want to launch Shortcuts or find the Water Eject shortcut, then you are capable of activating the shortcut using your voice.

Suppose you set up Hey Siri on the iPhone mobile. Hence, you need to say, “Hey Siri, water eject.” Then, you can see the Water Eject menu brought by Apple’s digital assistant. After that, you need to click on Begin Water Ejection to go ahead.

Activate Water Eject Using A Home Screen Icon:

If you want to easily access the Water Eject shortcut, put it on the home display, assuming you are one of the people who often drop their mobiles in the water. Follow the steps to do so.

  • Your first task is to click on the three-button line in the upper right corner of the Water Eject shortcut. You should click on the three horizontal bars when you open the subsequent display.
  • Now, you choose Add to Home Screen, available under the Details tab. After that, click on Add on the next display to confirm.
  • You can now see the Water Eject shortcut as an icon on the home display. It is possible to edit the iPhone home display to move shortcuts wherever you are willing.
  • If you are willing, apply other methods, such as purchasing a case to protect the iPhone from damage. Ensure that you purchase a case that is suitable for your mobile.

How to eject water from iPhone speaker:

Before knowing how to eject, you should first understand how it works. In this case, your iphone plays a sound at a certain frequency through its speaker to push out the water. When the sound starts vibrating, the liquid will be ejected. Above all, the method is similar to Apple’s Water Eject feature, which is now available on modern Apple Watches.

Now let’s know how to eject water from iPhone without shortcut, like using a website or third-party app through your iPhone speakers.

If you are unwilling to install an untrusted shortcut on the mobile you are using, then it is one of the ways that you can follow to eject water from the iPhone. For instance, use free third-party apps, or it is possible to visit a website where the sound will be played to eject the water.

Although there are several apps to do so, we advise you to use Sonic because this one can be used for free from the App Store. Once you install the application, your task is to adjust the sound frequency to check which works best. Then, your job is to hit the Play button to get rid of the water from the iPhone speaker.


In this article, we have covered the process that will help you to learn¬† how to eject water from your iPhone using SIRI shortcuts. Once you do this, you can see the water coming out of your speaker grill. It is important to know that you can apply the process on your phone only when it is water-resistant. Apple doesn’t come with the default feature. So, it is essential to add the feature manually to the iPhone. While it supports your iPhone, it is compatible with iPads, also.

Frequently Asked Question:

  • How do you get Siri to eject water?

If your mobile gets wet, your first job is accessing Siri by holding the power button. Hence, you need to ask, “Hey Siri, water eject shortcut.” After that, a sound will be played. Siri uses sound to shake the water out of the speakers.

  • Can Siri eject water from an iPhone?

This type of mobile comes with a Water Eject Siri shortcut which lets iPhone users remove water from the speaker grill of their device.

  • How do you add an eject water shortcut?

Your first task is to hit the Water Eject Shortcut for a long time. Then, you can see a drop-down menu. After that, your job is to click on Details. After that, you must tap on Add to Home Screen, which will display the icon preview. Finally, your job is to tap on Add.


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