7 Reasons to Buy the iPhone XS Max?

iPhone XS Max
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The iPhone XS Max Review

Today we are taking a look at Apple’s recently released iPhone XS Max, while they did release other iPhones as well. Since its inception the iPhone X has been the best Apple has to offer on the iPhone side of things, with many other brands (psst… Samsung) copying some of its features. So now to expand on the best they have to offer Apple brings you the upgraded iPhone XS Max and more, but we’ll stick to the max variant for now.

So, what’s new in the all new iPhone XS Max that makes the phone so great? Well here’s the place where we are about to find out. But to be more honest Apple’s iPhone X was good on its own so now what’s more is there to offer? Let’s take a look shall we?

Memory on the iPhone XS Max:

The iPhone XS max supports 4GB of LPDDR4X RAM which is a bump up from the 2GB and 3GB of RAM that iPhone 8 had to offer.

As for storage, the iPhone XS max comes in 64GB, 256GB and 512GB brackets. The 64GB may come as a slight disappointment, as the least Apple could offer was 128GB right?

What can we expect from display on the iPhone XS Max?

Here Apple does not hold back with its all and new “Super Retina” OLED display. Apple first introduced its OLED display with iPhone X and has now stuck to that formula with the X family. Except in this case the better OLED display.

The picture is fantastic and with  XS max, all the bigger and better. What can I say, the brightness and viewing angles are the best that you will get with a phone. The pixel count on  XS max display is 2688*1242.

 iPhone XS Max

Design on the iPhone XS Max:

The rear of the iPhone XS max is in glass in continuation with the iPhone X design and to support wireless charging with the whole NFC thing.

The wireless charging is supposed to be faster with  XS Max as compared to the older X variant.

While the backing of the phone is in glass the sides of the phone is in surgical grade steel, which if you ask me makes the phone slippery and a big fan of fingerprints.

For the Selfie takers out there- the iPhone XS Max camera:

The camera is the same 12 MP like the iPhone X but with a bigger sensor size meaning a wider angle when taking pictures.

With the bigger sensor, light sensitivity too has increased meaning bigger pixels with every picture taken.

Coming to the exorbitant price:

Not to throw you off buying the XS max, but this phone is not going to come cheap as do all Apple’s products. Apple is continuing the iPhone X trend in terms of its price with the iPhone XS max coming in at $1449.But this price is for the much higher storage iPhones.

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