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iPhone X: Another unexpected function can erase the user’s face

Written by Andy Prosper

One of the most innovative features of the iPhone X and is its unique unlock technology, the FaceID. Thanks to iPhone X, the owner of the terminal is completely unconcerned about unlocking the iPhone X since a complex system of sensors unequivocally identifies the face of its owner by registering up to 30,000 points in it so that there is no error. Now, does FaceID have more uses? The truth is that yes; Apple does not stitch without thread and extended the functionality of this technology in iPhone X to three additional functions that improved the experience of using the equipment.

However, it has been an independent developer who has surprised the world through an image in which we are witnessing an additional function extracted from FaceID: erase the user’s face. The Japanese programmer Kazuya Noshiro published a tweet that included a video – indicating that he has recorded it with the iPhone X – that could well appear in the worst of our nightmares: it is a faceless person in motion, and with such realism, that where the face should be, is replaced by the rest of the elements of the room. Put another way, you can see through this figure.

Although they have not transcended the details of how he has managed to record this video, in Techcrunch, they explain that it has been made using the True Depth technology of this system. This technology in iPhone X projects through infrared up to 30,000 points on the face of the person and the system analyzes the differences, thus giving an unequivocal figure. Will we see this development turned into an app? At the moment it is not known if it would be able to overcome the restrictions that the manufacturer establishes in its controlled ecosystem, but there is no doubt that the possibilities are endless.

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