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New Google Pay Features: Help to Check Out Online Easily

New Google Pay Features
Written by prodigitalweb

Google Pay has recently introduced three new features in order to make online payments convenient, secure & rewarding. These three new features are spanning across mobile apps as well as desktop payment checkout pages, which Google Pay supports. In these web checkout pages, you can view the card benefits that will help to make the shopping experience rewarding. Thus, you are capable of easily choosing the card with the best rewards. Let’s learn about these 3 New Google Pay Features: Help to Check out Online Easily.

3 New Google Pay Features: Help to Check Out Online Easily

  • Easily See Your Card Benefits:

You can find several credit cards that can offer shopping rewards and savings. When you have many cards with these benefits, you may be overwhelmed by which one to choose and which can provide you with the best purchasing rewards. For instance, a few cards provide perks related to travel purchases. On the other hand, some cards provide dining-out offers. Whereas, on some cards, you can get cashback on every purchase. In order to help you in making that decision more easily, Google Pay will display your card benefits at checkout.

At present, American Express and Capital One cardholders while checking out on Chrome desktop can view select benefits for particular cards in the autofill drop-down. Thus, they will get the chance to pick the card that will give them the most value.

  • “Buy Now, Pay Later” On More Sites:

“Buy Now, Pay Later” has now become a popular payment option. Google Pay began piloting a way in order to show Buy Now, Pay Later options, including Zip and Affirm in the early phase of this year when you check out online with this payment app. Currently, this option has expanded to more Android apps and merchant sites across the United States. If you want to shop for anything, you need to sign up with a provider there, or you are able to link your existing account.

Most platforms provide this Buy Now Pay Later or BNPL payment option. This facility was introduced to let users shop more quickly online. The reason is that BNPL gives the consumers a flexible payment option and allows them to buy anything immediately and after purchasing, you can pay in installments rather than paying the total amount at a time. With the help of this service, you can pay the amount in small parts (depending on Google Pay’s terms),which are easier to manage. 

  • Enter Card Details With A Face Scan, Fingerprint, Or PIN:

If you want to save your precious time at checkout, autofill on Chrome or Android can help you a lot. It lets you enter your critical details like shipping, billing, and payment automatically. Google Pay is updating the way users can verify their card details to provide them a more secure and faster experience.

So, next time if you are going to check out using this autofill feature on Chrome Or Android, an option will be available to fill in card details automatically— exactly how you unlock your device, i.e., using face scan, fingerprint, or screen lock PIN rather than adding security code manually. Generally, you can see the autofill feature completing your form without any additional requirements, except when any suspicious thing is detected. You need to set up your device unlock where you will be asked to unlock it before revealing the full card details. It ensures that people who have access to your device can not use your card.

The Bottom Line:

The goal of these three new features is to offer convenience and security to the Google Pay app users and merchants. Moreover, these three new features aim to make the online payment procedure quick as well as hassle-free. As these features are going to be globally available, both Android and Chrome users can enjoy them.

Frequently Asked Questions  

  1. How does Google Pay work at checkout?

You need to hold the Android smartphone near the card reader. After that, you are required to wait until you see the checkmark. Then, you need to make payments using the default card you have already chosen, or you can select another card. Then, this payment app will handle all the remaining tasks. You can order stickers for your business without paying anything to inform customers that you take payments through Google Pay.

  1. What are the safety features of Google Pay?

This payment app never shares the real credit card number with the business while you are paying with the Android smartphone. Therefore, the payment info remains safe.

  1. What is a Google checkout account?

Google checkout refers to a checkout process that you are able to integrate with your site or sites if you want customers to purchase from you quickly by giving a single username and password. Then, using Checkout is possible in order to charge the credit cards of your customers and process their orders.

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