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Samsung Galaxy Ring
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The next unpacked event of Samsung is expected to be held in July where the company may officially announce the Galaxy Ring. In January, it was teased back. One month later, it was shown publicly at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The company indicated that the shipment of this wearable device is going to be done in or around August. According to the rumors, its price is expected to be between $300 to $350. Let’s dive into the article to learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Ring.

What is the Samsung Galaxy Ring?

It is a smart ring that will be released before the end of this year. This wearable device is going to come with multiple health and sleep-tracking features. Besides, it will be available in several colors and sizes. However, like Samsung’s Galaxy Watch, this device will not support the iPhone.

Launch Date and Price of Galaxy Ring:

The Galaxy Unpacked Summer 2024 event will be held on July 10. This smart ring might get an official announcement at this event. Although there are already some rumors about its launch and price, Samsung still hasn’t said anything officially about how much its price will be. If Samsung steps into this market to give a tough competition to other smart rings, the retail price of this device will fall between $260 and $450. According to rumors, this device is in its prototype stage now and will be ready to enter mass production in the second quarter. 

What Will The Galaxy Ring Do?

  • A rumor suggests that the device will support ECG functionality and blood flow measurement. As a result, it will be able to monitor the readings of the wearer’s blood oxygen level or heart rate.
  • According to rumors, it will support device control via Samsung SmartThings.
  • Besides, it could support wireless payments via Samsung Pay.

Design of Galaxy Ring:

This wearable device is expected to come in eight ring sizes, which could be 5 to 12. The weight of this device will be roughly 3 grams. It might be available in black, gold, and silver color. It is expected that this wearable device will come with the same width as the Oura ring.


Just like a Smartwatch, this device is likely to provide fitness, health, and sleep-tracking features. This model will send all data to Samsung Health through the smartphone that you have connected. According to the confirmation from Samsung, this device will have a blood oxygen sensor. Additionally, it will be equipped with skin temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate tracking features. Moreover, the device will be able to track sleep latency and movements at night. Furthermore, the device may come with the ability to keep track of workouts and step counts.

Battery Life:

This aspect is very crucial for a smart ring. The Oura ring can last about 5 days after charging it a single time. So, the Samsung Galaxy ring needs to be capable of matching at least this longevity, if it can’t outperform the Oura ring. The record from the Galaxy Ring’s FCC certification says that it is going to have three battery sizes, based on the ring size you choose. More room for battery capacity will be available for larger models and the battery sizes will be — 17 mAh, 18.5 mAh, and 22 mAh. As per the company, the battery is going to last at least nine days.

Possible Health Features:

  • This device can track the quality of sleep when you will wear it.
  • It will come with the My Vitality Score feature, which can be calculated depending on sleep quality and the intensity of recent workouts.
  • In order to encourage healthy habits, the Booster Cards feature will send wellness to users throughout the day, depending on some health metrics, like stress levels, resting heart rate, sleep quality, etc.

Special Features:

These are some unique features of the device, including:

  • Activity Tracking:

People still have doubts about whether the device can use GPS or not. However, the device will be able to monitor regular activity like running, walking, etc. Besides, it will help to measure heart rate.

  • Advanced Sleep Tracking:

This device is going to be available with a few advanced sleep-tracking functionalities.

  • Temperature Tracking:

If this device will be able to keep tabs on your temperature, it will be beneficial for women, who are willing to monitor their pregnancy and cycles.

  • Media Control:

As per reports, this device might control other devices. So, it will be very advantageous, if you will be capable of tapping this smart ring instead of tapping your phone or wireless earbuds in order to change the music volume or change the tracks. You can even tap on the ring to accept and reject calls.

  • Wireless Charging:

The smart ring can charge wirelessly. If users can charge it by placing this device on the back of the Galaxy S24 Ultra or other Samsung smartphones which provide reverse charging — it will be an extra benefit.

  • Tap To Pay:

By supporting Samsung Pay, this smart ring goes one step ahead of the Oura ring, which is not compatible with current contactless payments.

The Bottom Line:

By launching into a new wearable category, the company is putting its steps in the market with relatively few competitors. The Samsung Galaxy ring is mainly designed for those who need to use a health-focused wearable rather than a large watch. However, we still don’t have any idea whether the device will stack up against the Oura Ring or not.

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