7.3 inch Tablet or Samsung Foldable Smartphone

7.3 inch Tablet
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News must have reached everyone’s ears by now- “Samsung Plans on releasing new Foldable Smartphone”. First it was a laptop cum tablet thing going on, now Samsung brings us the new smartphone of the future- a foldable smartphone or 7.3 inch tablet that can be used as a smartphone too. This will be the first of its kind, with flex display and all new software to go with the new 7.3 inch tablet cum foldable phone.

The release of the 7.3 inch Tablet:

Samsung recently released a prototype version of the 7.3 inch tablet at their Developer Conference held in San Francisco. They went on to demonstrate how the smartphone could be folded and how it looks when it is open to its full capacity- a Foldable Smartphone. No one was allowed to touch the phone but only caught a glimpse of it during the event.

This new gadget boasts of an infinity display allowing it to transform into a smartphone or 7.3 inch tablet by just simply folding it. The flex display also allows the Foldable Smartphone to be folded hundreds or thousands of times. This can be done because of the extreme thinness of the 7.3 inch tablet not to mention its high flexibility.

The screen also has a protective layer giving it a photo like finish to avoid scratches and other damage while folding the Foldable Smartphone.

Multiple Screens on the 7.3 inch Tablet:

The 7.3 inch tablet has two screens- one a smaller one on the outside when the Foldable Smartphone is used as a smartphone and the other the much bigger 7.3 inch one when the gadget is opened to its full size.

When in smartphone mode the apps already opened seamlessly pass on to the much larger 7.3 inch screen when unfolded. Samsung says that users will now be able to experience the best of both worlds by simply folding or unfolding the device.

3 Apps at once on the 7.3 inch Tablet:

Samsung says that while a user is on the 7.3 inch tablet mode, they can use up to 3 apps at a time. But the tech giant did not go further and elaborate on the device and its functioning, to keep competitors at bay till they come out with the sales of the new 7.3 inch tablet cum foldable smartphone.

The display on this new gadget is 45% thinner than what is currently available in Samsung devices, making it easier to fold multiple times.

This may not be the only Foldable Device that Samsung is working on:

Samsung also says that it got some secret tech at work and is currently working on more foldable gadgets. What’s more is that Samsung is also partnering up with Google to bring out new software for foldable smartphones and their ilk.

At present there is not much news by way of when Samsung plans to launch its new 7.3 inch tablet or its price for that matter.

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