Microsoft’s Latest Windows 10 Preview for PCs Gets Edge Browser Branding

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Microsoft Released Build of Windows 10 – Edge Browser Branding

Microsoft recently released another build of Windows 10, one of the first with the Edge browser branding with build 10158 marking the one month countdown to the final code launch on 29 July. It now comprises of the Edge branding formerly known as Project Spartan and the latest official preview build of Windows 10 Mobile for Windows Phone.

With this change of branding from Spartan to Edge Browser, Microsoft has now presented a new app ID causing any favorites, history, cookies and reading list items that are saved in Spartan to remain lost. Hence testers preferring to save these are required to back up their favourites, since Microsoft officials had cautioned earlier.

The Edge app in the latest Windows 10 test build comprises of new customization, password, a dark theme and form fill choices besides other tweaks. The 10158 build is inclusive of general UX improvement together with bug fixes and have various updates especially for Continuum, Microsoft’s features for smooth transition between Tablet mode as well as Desktop mode. Photos app is updated as well as the Snipping Tool. Besides this, the build also includes fixes for Windows 10 preview especially for Surface 3 as well as Surface Pro 3.


The Insider Hub Not Installed with Build

The Insider Hub, as informed by Microsoft executive, is no longer pre-installed with this build, nonetheless, users could add it back. As per the company’s TechNet site, Microsoft will also be making a time-limited evaluation version of Window 10 Enterprise, available. In April, the company had introduced the Edge Browser nameplate, after referring to the browser for many months by its code name – Project Spartan and Edge Browser is the replacement to Internet Explorer (IE) mainly 1E11.

This Edge Browser will be the default browser in Windows 10 on all devices right from PCs to smartphones. However, 1E11 will tend to continue to be packed with the latest OS on notebook, desktops, 2-in-1s as well as bigger tablets in order to provide legacy support to enterprises for business Web apps and sites needing the older browser.

However, according to Gabriel Aul, engineering general manager for Microsoft’s operating system group, this change in name requires some efforts from the users who should first back up bookmarks earlier saved in Spartan and restore them as well as password retaining cookies.


Various Alterations with Introduction of Edge Moniker

Moreover, Microsoft has also made various alterations to the Edge Browser with the introduction of the Edge moniker which includes an optional Home Button, customization options and a password manager which enables users tweak the new tab page which resembles an improved familiar look of 1E11.

Aul has commented that a Windows 10 Software Development Kit – SDK preview would be seen soon, for developers and a week ago, Microsoft had mentioned that it would issue updated SDK previews together with each new Fast ring build. The Insider program claims two `rings’ or tracks namely Fast and Slow and while the former is updated more often, the code is less polished.

A first for a Windows 10 preview, build 10158 does not have any significant known bugs, indicating that the company is making headway towards its final release. Aul has cautioned saying that they don’t have any significant known issues for this build worth noting in the blog post but are servicing several issues, so make sure you check Windows Update for those.


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