iPhone 6S Said to Deliver Faster Web Speeds, Better Battery Life

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Apple’s iPhone 6S With Faster Web Connectivity

According to a recent report, the next iPhone of Apple will be provided with faster Web connectivity as well as improved battery life wherein the handset is said to be called the iPhone 6S. It will be launched with a Qualcomm developed chip called the MDM9635M. According to reports from 9to5Mac, it states that a person was cited who claimed to have knowledge of Apple’s plans and the chip which was introduced in 2013 by Qualcomm, though did not go into production till last year, is said to be capable of accommodating theoretical download speeds of about 300 Mbps on carrier long term evolution – LTE networks which is double of 150Mbps speeds,will be available to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The iPhone is said to be a critical component in the huge business of Apple and during the last reported quarter ended March 28, Apple had indicated that around 61.2 million iPhones were sold all across the globe, generating revenue of $40.3 billion.

Those statistics were up 40% and 55% respectively and Apple had generated $58 billion revenue during that period. The company strives to release a new iPhone each year and each successive launch provides enhanced spec and to some extent, new designs which tend to boost iPhone sales figure.

Enhanced Battery Life/Power Efficient

It is reported that the latest iPhone 6S device would be launched in the fall around the same time as the worldwide availability of Apple’s iOS9 mobile operating system. It has also been revealed that the iPhone 6S would be having a design similar to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus though slightly thicker to accommodate a larger battery.


Moreover, the handset will also be launched with a new processor, probably known as the A9 with the screen sizes being the same as 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches offered in the company’s present models. 9to5Mac has mentioned that the addition of Qualcomm’s higher end LTE chip to the iPhone 6S would be enhancing the device’s battery life as it would be more power efficient than the earlier models.

Though the improved chip would be supplying the potentials for faster download speed, it does not mean that users would actually realize such speed. Though technically possible on Category 6 LTE networks, which the Qualcomm chip can connect to, in the U.S. 300 Mbps download speeds are not achieved.

iPhone’s Internals – Reformed Wireless System

The main upgrades to the next iPhone’s internals would be a reformed wireless system with new Qualcomm made LTE chip as shown in some images of a prototype iPhone 6S logic board revealed by some source. The new device would be inclusive of Qualcomm’s MDM9635M chip also known as `9X35’ Gobi modem platform.

The new chip has significant performance enhancements over the 9X25 chip that is found in the present iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, with the potential of providing around twice the theoretical LTE download speeds. The Qualcomm’s latest chip seems to save Apple, some motherboard space since it is slightly more compact in size.

The 9X35 is built with new 20nm production process and condensed than the 28nm process that is utilised for the Qualcomm cellular data chip in the present iPhone. It is Qualcomm’s first build with latest production process leading to power efficiency with reduced heat generation and can prevent iPhones from warming up when used under extreme data usage.


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