A NEW DEVICE EQ-Radio Can Detect Your Feelings with Wireless Signals

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Emotion Recognition with EQ-Radio

EQ-Radio is a new and novel device designed recently to detect the feelings of human. All the time you’re surrounded by wireless signals fromWifi, T.V and other things .These wireless signal interacts with the human beings bodies.

As you change your directions, the waves are in the environment changes along with you. Attention has been given to emotion detection systems that use machine learning algorithms and learning networks to identify the emotion a person is experiencing from their facial expressions, the words they use , the way their voice sounds.

Many of these systems are successful but some of them are limited by the necessity for people to either speak while experiencing an emotions or show that emotions on their emotion which are not reflected in facial expression or speech remain hidden.

Therefore EQ-Radio is a new device where a person’s emotion can be detected using wireless signals. This EQ-Radio is not 100 percent accurate but says it is 87 percent accurate.

EQ-Radio detects a person’s excitement, happiness or sadness even if a person is not speaking or not showing their emotions with facial expression. EQ-Radio also shows changes in breathing and heart rhythms .This EQ-Radio device has been developed by researchers at MIT that is Massachusetts Institute of Technology Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

This wireless signals can capture information about human behaviour which is not visible to the naked eye. EQ-Radio also helps to monitor and diagnose condition like depression and anxiety. This devices measures heartbeat as an ECG monitor. EQ-Radio studies the wave form within each heartbeat to match a person’s behaviour as to how they previously acted in one of the four emotions states.

Existing emotion detection methods rely on audio-visual cues or on body sensors.Facial expression sare unreliable, while on-body sensors like chest bands and ECG monitors are inconvenient to ear and become inaccurate it they change position over time.

But on the contrary EQ Radio senses wireless signals that reflect off on a person’s body and back to the device. The beat extraction algorithms break the reflections into individual heartbeat. It analysis the variation during heartbeat intervals to determine their level of arousal and positive affect.

There are also plans to use some aspects of the technology into a commercial company especially in smart environments. For instance if a person comes back home after a tiring day, your home could use the wireless signals to recognize your emotions. It could choose some relaxing music or dim lights if they trace that you are tired.

It can also be used as an artistic tool to help movie makers or advertisers know the emotional reactions of the viewers.

It is really great to see how science has advanced in many fields.



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