Quantum Dots Print Tiniest Inkjet Image

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We have huge development and technological advancement in the recent time largely in the consumer electronics segment. Here is another first tiniest inkjet for the consumer electronics as the ‘quantum dot’ technology makes it way to the printing images.

Swiss researchers prints the tiniest inkjet printer image

Some researchers in Switzerland have made the tiniest inject print image which measures at 0.08mm by 0.115 mm which roughly translates into 0.003 in by 0.005 inch. It is a color photo of tropical clown fish and it is as wide as the thickness of a photocopy paper. It comes as a surprise to many how they were able to print such a small image with so much clarity for this reason researchers have taken the help of ‘quantum dot’ technology.

This quantum dot technology is currently being utilized in the high end televisions in order to more colorful, vibrant and lively images. These researchers are nanotechnologists who were looking at various ways of bringing the usability and benefits of nanotechnology to the consumer electronics and this particular feat of theirs has found mention in the Guinness World Records for the tiniest printed image.

Why this tiniest image is so important?

This tiniest image of the clown fish shows the advancement which has been made in nano-technology over the time and how it can have mainstream applications in the modern society. Clown fish is almost 3,333 times bigger in real life than it is in the picture printed by the researchers at a resolution of 25,000 dots per inch (dpi). This distance between each dot of the three layers of red, green and blue in this picture is 500 nanometers (0.0005mm). Researchers are explicitly used the ‘quantum dots’ instead of squirt normal ink for better clarity and precision. Even being such tiny dot, these particles have the ability to emit different colors of light as per their size with full potential. When seen from the naked eyes smaller dots appear as blue, mid-sized ones as green and bigger dots as red.

Quantum dots deliver better clarity and precision in image

The light which is generated by quantum dots is intense in nature which make it best suited for the television displays. OLED screens are quite difficult and expensive to develop but use of quantum dot technology helps in achieving the similar feat in delivering OLED like color rich images. The technique used by the researchers for printing the tiniest quantum dot technology inspired image can easily be adapted for the use on display screen.

Televisions with quantum dot technology

The major television makers like Samsung, Sony and LG have already shown off their television using quantum technology but they have been using a different manufacturing technique. Quantum dots have wider uses as they are being utilized to create solar batteries and electron microscopes. This particular tiny image created using quantum dot is nothing less than an interesting gimmick but it helps in showing the sheer versatility of what the quantum dot technology can do in the field of imaging.



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