Simple Code Gives Access to iPhone’s Secret Settings


Apple iPhone is known to running on one of the most secure operating system called iOS. But quite recently a major vulnerability has been found by the security agent which shows that by feeding a simple code one can get access to the hidden information on iPhone. This code even allows the person to make changes in the private settings of the iPhone.

Field Mode in iPhone

It should be noted that Apple iPhone contains a Field Mode which relatively remains hidden from the users. But it is very useful tool as it offers extra information to the users regarding the various aspects of the phone such as whether it is connected to internet or not.

Users can enable Field Mode by simply dialing the simple code *3001#12345#* and press the call button. Now the phone will be switched into the grey screen after which all the necessary extra information will be displayed.

The best thing about this feature is that it shows the signal strength of the iPhone right on the top-left hand corner. The best way to understand the signal strength is to know that anything above -80 will result in showing the full bars while anything below -110 will result in showing either one or no bars at all. Users won’t be able to make calls when signal strength falls below the -110.

The maximum strength, which an iPhone can achieve, is around -40 and the lowest strength is set at -140. It should be noted that no call reception is possible around -120. If you wish to keep the numerical signal strength on your device rather than the normal bars or dots then hold down the power button. A pop up message for shutting down the phone will appear on the screen and simply press the home button.

Some of the smart and simple codes for iPhone users

iPhone users can check out various functionalities of their device by using some of the extremely smart and Simple Code. Like using *#33# will result in showing the status of the call barring setting. This tool can be turned on and off by simply using the code *33*pin# and #33$pin# respectively. Users can even swap PIN for their Sim PIN.

On other hand using the simple code *#43# one can know whether the call waiting feature is turned on or not. This particular feature allows users to queue up when they are trying to call and it even alerts the users if someone tried to call during a call itself. This feature can be efficiently handled by turning on and off by using codes *43# and #43# respectively.

If any iPhone user is trying to know the IMEI number of the handset then simply punch in the code *#06# and it will display the same. This Simple Code offer a great usability it can help in shutting down the phone remotely in case it gets stolen. But at the same time these codes also offer an opportunity to the cyber criminals to access the Setting app remotely which is major security concern.


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