The Rise of Social Commerce: Turning Likes into Sales

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We are at the moment when everything and everyone is discoverable through social media. Most people would use social media to see something that could entertain them. With multiple formats of entertainment, users are basically overwhelmed with lots of content that’s shown through their FYP. But, do you know that we’re also in a time when social commerce has become a thing?

Social media is not only a place where you can share things about your life with everyone. With proper optimization, you can turn it into an effective marketing tool that can increase your profit by converting all those likes and shares. For those who want to be successful by staying relevant, they have no option but to utilize the proper social media marketing strategies. See more of them below.

Increasing the Security of Your Platform

Social media alone is good, but when you seek an even better result, it’s always recommended to have your own platform. A good website should be informative, pleasing to the eye, and safe to use. And in order to make your site safer and more responsive, you’ll need hosting. Free VPS hosting is a good choice if you want to enhance your website’s security. It doesn’t cost much, but more than enough to keep your website safe from cybersecurity risks.

It’s also important to keep safe when using social media, especially if you want to use it as a promotional tool for your brand. You may need to save your passwords privately and never click any links that come from individuals you don’t know about. Phishing like this often happens, so best to be careful than sorry.

Understanding The Social Commerce

Before we tell you about the tips for turning likes into sales, it’s always better if you first learn about social commerce itself. As you probably know, there’s a great power of social media: to gather all individuals into one place no matter who they are or where they come from. Knowing this rule, it’s not unusual to think that it can be an effective marketing tool.

And many brands have proved it. Social commerce is more than just social media. It is when e-commerce and social media are integrated. When buying something, you don’t need to click a link that will take you to an external website. Instead, once you see something interesting on social media, you can buy it right there through several clicks.

This makes the whole process a lot easier for people to buy the stuff they want. And once you offer great products that are relevant to your audience, that’s when you may convert the likes into sales, effortlessly.

However, do note that not all social media platforms offer this integration. The popular ones, like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitch, and even YouTube, have this feature. So, be sure to know which platform to use before approaching the strategies.

How to Turn Likes Into Sales

1. Make Your Business Account

The very first and most important step in using social media as an effective marketing tool is making a business account. By turning your personal account into a business, you may gain several unique perks and features. What’s important is that you may gain access to users’ statistics, which will tell you more about your audience.

Creating a business account is not as hard as you might think. By doing some verifications, you can easily change your personal account into a business.

2. Know Your Target Market

It’s always important for you to know who your target market is. If you want to sell phone accessories or jewelry, the proper target market would be teenagers, both male and female. But if you want to sell cookware, the suitable market would be adult moms.

Knowing your target market is essential to determine what kind of content you need to create and how you may introduce your unique value to them.

3. Make Relevant Content

After you know your target market, it’s time to start creating relevant content for them. You may do some research to find what type of content that’s suitable for them. Is it video promotion, live streaming, or something else? You may know this information by checking the statistics and regularly interacting with your audience.

4. Don’t Forget to Tag Your Products

When you post something on your feed, don’t forget to tag your products in them, as long as they are relevant. Some platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, allow users to do this to promote their products. So while there’s still a chance, do the same thing as well.

5. Social Media Ads

To drive more engagement to your brand account and website, you may use social media ads. This paid method is highly recommended as it may target a specific market with the same or relevant interest. That way, the audience will visit your brand if they think it can be a solution for them.

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