Why Your ` Zenfone 2 ’ should be On Everyone’s Wish list?

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Announced at CES in January 2015, for global markets, the Zenfone 2 is said to be the best Android smartphone by ASUS and should be on everyone’s wish-list. Users couldbuy the best Zenfone2 online and order from flipkart with detailed information with regards to design, features, performance and much more, made available for the benefit of the consumer.

The ZenFone2 comprises of a quad-core Intel Atom processor together with 4GB of RAM and at 3.9mm is the thinnest smartphone in the world.It has a 5.5 inch, 1080p display which is encased by Gorilla Glass 3 and runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop and comes with an internal storages as much as 64GB plus a microSD card.Zenphone 2 is totally unlocked as well as contract free, enabling the user to opt for the carrier of their choice.

Zenfone 2 comes with amazing new designs, a marvel of beauty and power in the palm of your hand. This smartphone has been recognised all over the world for its incredible product design, bringing home the 2015 iF Design Award.

The smartphone comes in five amazing shades to reflect one’s personality as well as their mood wherein users could opt for Osmium Black, Glacier Gray, Sheer Gold, Glamour Red and Ceramic White and take pleasure in selecting an ASUS ZenUI theme to suit their preference.

Around 150 Mumbai Instagrammers had assembled together to experience and to `See what others can’t see’, in Zenfone 2 of ASUS. ZenFone 2 has the potential of capturing amazing high resolution photos with zero shutter lag and its industry leading low light mode works with pixel merging technology in capturing around 400% brighter images during night or in low light scenarios minus the need of a flash.

Its backlight- Super HDR mode enables the user to view clearly amidst daytime shadow and the Super Resolution mode aids in capturing detailed images up to 52MP resolutions.

The PixelMaster Backlight – Super HDR mode tends to capture multiple shots automatically in the viewfinder, processing it by utilising the ASUS Pixel Enhancing technology which expands the range four times providing the final image up to 400% much brighter together with enhanced colour contracts as well as details ensuring that the photos captured in a particular scene looks natural in strong backlighting.

The volume and shutter button is moved to the back to lessen the thickness of the ZenFone2 to 3.9mm while simultaneously delivering comfortable user experience. Searching for incredibilityled to the creation of the latest Zenfone 2 which is a marvel in every aspect with perfect shots testifying the unison of incredible camera hardware and software enabling the user to see what others can’t see.


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