10 Best GIF App for Android

10 Best GIF App for Android in 2019
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In this modern world, GIF are not strange words anymore. Almost all people know about these GIF, and lots of people love to use them as well. Hence everyone is interested to get the best GIF app for android.

If you’re one of them who loves to express themselves in GIF, then you’ll love this post. GIF have become popular among the people mainly because these GIF allows people to express. These GIF require less time to view and shorter than a video, but these are more expressive then photos.

You can quickly find these GIFs throughout social media as people love to use them. Most of the people love to create their GIF as well. If you are wondering about creating your own GIFs, there are two options. The first one is through your camera app; this allows you to turn video footage into the GIF. The other popular and most used method is through GIF creator apps. As you are new to these GIFs creators list, we have created the best GIF apps for Android users.

Let’s explore the Ten Best GIF App for Android in 2019.

10 Best GIF App for Android:

We have created this best GIF app for the android list by testing out lots of GIFs apps that are presently on Google Play Store. As most of you might not have the time to check out all the loopholes. We have tried and tested these apps and pick the best possible apps for you. You can easily make use of these ten best GIF app for the android list.

Camera Mx:

Camera Mx is one of the cool GIF app for Android in 2019. It’s one of the several GIF app that are camera apps as well. With this app, you can shoot videos, record short spurts, take photos, and create a video as well. This app can turn all your images into GIFs.

However, this app is not that great for making random GIFs or videos, as well. You can shoot some YouTube videos as well. But can’t expect the most significant outcomes from that. This app has useful camera features and live shot feature for GIF so you can use that to create GIFs. This app works perfectly for basic GIF Creations.

Giphy Camera, One of the Best GIF App for Android

Giphy camera is the other good gif app for Android. It’s one of the most popular and internet’s premier GIF hosting platforms. This Giphy camera has a dedicated android app for developing the brand new GIFs. It’s brand new features can amaze all the users. This app also has special goofy effects and has lots of editing tools. All you can do is use this special tool to create stunning GIFs.

To easily get started with this app, you have to import your media from your phone or you can capture a new video or photo. Once you have done that, you can choose the best effect you love from a plethora of customization options. In this app, you can apply filters, add a background with animations and do a lot more.

This app can offer you an overlay option for people or animals as well. After doing all the editing part you can easily save your GIF file on the social media networks. Giphy Cam lets you easily adjust the looping sequence of the GIF.

This app is a free GIF Maker and doesn’t have any sorts of in-app purchases. So, you can use this best Gif apps for Android devices.

Download: Giphy Cam for Android | iOS (Free)

Best GIF App for Android GIF Maker:

GIF maker is another cool app which is loved by lots of users. This app is your one-stop GIFs shop mainly because of its features. In this app you can create normal GIFs along with them you can also create GIF maker houses and other aspects which might come handy.

Apart from these, you can include straight forward conversions tools for turning videos into the GIFs. You can even break down GIFs into multiple images and can search your favourite GIFs on the popular Giphy platform.

Other than these, you can use GIF maker to import and tweak all the GIFs on your phone. If you love to design new Gifs, then use Gif maker or else you can retouch the GIFs with lots of colours effects, emojis, and more.

This app is free to use and if you want to get rid of the fishy advertisements then you should opt for the premium plan. If you are ok with it then you will have no problem.

Gif Me Camera and GIF Maker

GIF Me is another cool GIF app for android you have to look out in 2019. It’s the best GIFs camera app and it’s good for making GIFs.

This app helps you to capture GIFs up to 14 secs of video. You can easily edit the video with different stickers, colours, fiters, text and a lot more. Apart from these features, this GIF me app supports stop motion, time-lapse and other advanced types of shorts.

You can find the support for video to GIF conversions in this app. Along with that, you can also have videos lying around you. Its free version has advertisements and will also have watermarks. If you want to remove them then you have to switch to a premium account.

Best GIF App for Android GIF Studio:

Gif Studio is the other cool android app you should include in this list. This is one of the best gif app for Android in 2020. It has excellent effects and useful features to create GIFs. This app contains lots of stickers, text, effects, and much more to creatively make a gif. The best part is you can crop the GIFs to minimize the size of the GIF file.

This app has decent ratings on Google play, and to use this app, you require 4.0 or higher android version. With this app, you can edit GIFs, and the best part is you can generate no watermark animated GIFs.

GIF studio is pretty easy to use, and it has an excellent user interface and has powerful features. You can make gifs from images, videos, camera pics, screen record, and more. Convert your GIFs into PNG, JPG, MP4, and more and share it with your friends easily.

Footej Camera:

Footej Camera is another excellent app to create Gifs. In this app, you can create GIFs with ease. All you have to do is allow your Camera to take a snap. Convert that snap into the GIFs you like with its features.

This app gives you 100% control over the camera app, and its manual Camera controls help you to integrate the gallery app as well. The features available in this GIFs app stand out features such as integrated gallery app, photo histogram, burst shot mode, gif creation, and even more.

Footej Camera app supports the 4k video support, and it allows you to shoot the devices as well. These gifs are shareable so you can share them on any social media platforms with ease.

Motion Stills:

Motion stills app is one of the best GIF app for Android in 2020. This app has two modes to capture your pictures. You can use the mode to create your GIF files. The first mode shoots a short and cuts video, whereas the second one allows you to shoot the slow-motion videos and gifs.

You can use the mode to turn the video into gifs, and if you are striving to use the slow-motion video, then you have to use the second mode.

In this app, you can share your motion stills as GIFs or looping GIFs videos. The creation of GIFs usually depends on what you need, and also it’s having a few issues. But you can resolve them by using the newer app.

These issues are likely to be fixed over time. So you can freely use this app for all your videos and GIFs creations. This is obviously one of the best gif app you should consider.


Do you want to consider a messaging platform to create the lovely gifs? Then you have to check out the GroupMe platform. This is one of the best GIF app for Android. In this app, you can chat with others and create gifs from nothing. Because of its powerful features you can send GIFs, add text, remake your GIFs, and forward it to your friends.

This is one of the best lightweight apps to send messages to your friends and family. At the same time, forward and create customized gifs. If you are eager to develop more comprehensive GIFs, then you have to look at other apps.

Because it’s a multiplatform app, you can find tons of features and GIFs creation as well. In this app, you can control notifications, Start chatting, send GIFs, share your views, and more.

Pixel Animator:

Pixel Animator is another option you have to look at when you are checking about the “Best GIF app for Android in 2019”. This app has a decent user interface, and you can quickly draw almost anything with ease.

It’s having both the premium and free versions. Free version allows you to make Gifs with up to 15 frames as a result it’s the best pick for users. The paid version has more sophisticated features and its best pick for pro users.

Because it’s having lots of features, you can create the gifs with ease. You can even alter the images from scratch and use the unique Gifs as well.

Power Director:

Most of you might be shocked by this inclusion, as the power director is a video editing tool. But this app also has Gifs support that’s the best thing about it.

That’s the reason why I have also included it in the best GIF app for android list. This app has one better feature that is exporting formats and creates animated Gifs.

This is helpful for users to turn their video into the shorter Gifs, apart from that they can even edit their video with its pro editing tools.

This is all about the 10 best GIF app for android in 2019. We’ll share the other list apps soon in our blog.

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