3 Windows 10 Privacy Dangers to Fix Now

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With the advent of computer and thereafter the internet; there is a sea change can be seen in our individual life, as well as, in society as a whole and especially in our professional life. A computer is being operated by the help of an operating system, which guides us to get the preferred result and the Windows Operating System is one such important and most popular scheme in the computer world.

Although it is known to all; while the invention of internet made our life easier there are always some threats remain to get ourselves open to direct or indirect surveillance and also get our personal privacy in peril. Internet search engines like google, bing, or even some hackers, advertisers and social media entities are always try to dig in to our personal details and, in this regard, Window Operating System is not an exception. With gradual development of their every newer version of operating systems at various times, Windows 10 tries to get our personal details, as much as possible, and we succumbed to this intention, without knowing what is going on.

Windows 10 – Important Features and Danger Mitigation

Microsoft’s Windows 10 is the developed version of earlier Operating systems and contains almost all earlier features, while added some new features, which made this system more attractive and popular amongst the users all over the globe. This updated version introduced such unique features that collect maximum possible personal data and they provide these as “turned on” basis, which means that these ‘bug” like features are always in operational mode as default and will remain so, if not turned off. Among these features; there are three important issues, which have to be understood properly to get rid of the problem of losing valuable personal details from getting misused by any third party.

These 3 features and their remedies are as follows:

  1. Advertisement: It is well known fact that like other online companies, to acquire revenue, Microsoft is also use this avenue and to get the intended result they used to sell these data to other parties, without informing the user. By turning off this default feature in “Privacy” option, you will be able to stop the advertiser from take a look at your activities on computer.
  2. Location: This is another feature that needs to be understood properly to have knowledge about the threat it contains, which may be harmful for the user. In the Privacy section, there is a provision where Windows wants to know about the user’s location and if you don’t want to disclose your location details, just make sure that this has been stopped and the tracking by Windows 10 is not possible.
  3. Cortana: This is one of the default built-in features in Windows 10 for personal assistance, which uses the location of the user and tries to suggest some interesting information. The Cortana is designed in such a way; where it wants to learn about the browsing habit, movements, personal calendar, contacts etc. if you don’t want to reveal these information, just turned off the feature to get yourself safe from getting tracked.


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