4G Phone Huawei Honor 6 Plus to Arrive Soon

Written by prodigitalweb
Do you want an android phone that fits within your budget? Well then you do not have o wit for it any longer as because the 4G Huawei Honor 6 plus phone is going to be launched this March end itself. Not only with that, will you be stunned by the amazing features that you will get in an unbelievable price range. The first thing that will attract you towards it is the sleek look of it which will seem very stylish and will definitely grab the attention of others if you take that to any social gatherings. This phone had been launched in other countries beforehand and the day is not far when you will see this phone being launched in India too.
I can bet on the fact that apart from Huawei, no company will be able to give you a 4G android smartphone at such low ranges. The display is pretty big with 5.5 inches and has a high definition quality. Also the screen is hardy enough so it can be used roughly too. It possesses 1.3 GHz processor coupled with 3GB of RAM. Also the phone has dual SIM which means that you will not have to carry more than one phone at a go. The RAM is strong so as to hold up an internal memory of 16GB which is quite unbelievable. In India you will get this phone at 400$ which is quite a low price if we see the aspect of the 4G feature along with many others.Successful launch After the Phone gets launched in the Indian markets, the authorities are expecting to a great extent that it will be indeed a very successful launch and that it will be capable of providing a tough competition to all the major mobile phone companies. So now if you feel like buying a phone you just have to wait for the launching program of this book and then when you order it, you can own it within days! Huawei is aspiring to build up more and more of this type of 4G phones so that the clients can be benefited more and more. The HD quality of the display enables you to see pictures and videos with a lot of ease. The camera of this phone is an absolute stunner and the clarity of the captured pictures and videos are alluring enough.So next time you go for a trip you will not have to carry any digital camera as the phone will serve the purpose for both. And the screen is designed such that you can even read e books at ease. Here you can download lots of e books and enjoy reading them up too. And if you are a game freak then also you would love to have this phone because it supports almost all kinds of game formats. The main thing that you ask about is the battery condition. This phone claims to have the greatest battery longitude till date. So place your order without delay!

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