Laser Treatment Claims To Turn Brown Eyes Blue

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Now a single experimental procedure can permanently change your eye’s color. A medical clinic in California is testing on new laser procedure, which can eliminates pigment from patient’s eyes by turning them blue.

California based, Stroma Medical Corporation claim that they have invented a new laser treatment technique to eliminate the pigment from the patient’s eye.

How it works?

Brown and black is the warm eye color because upper layer of the stroma (iris) contains high level of melanin, which is natural pigment that affects hair color, eye color and skin color, whereas; in blue and green eyes, the iris contains very less amount of melanin. The blue eye color caused by a light-scattering effect known as Tyndall effect and it is similar to Rayleigh scattering effect, which is responsible for turning the sky color blue. In simple words we can say that blue colored eyes are actually eyes without any specific pigment. With the help of laser it’s easy to disrupt the melanin in the stroma of iris and this is known as Stroma’s technique. It cause the human body to begin its own natual process to eliminate the pigment from the eye as it takes several weeks in treatment, but still the procedure is not available for public.

Stroma Medical Corporation and its experiment:

As per the official website of Stroma, “Our researchers have completed the first phase of experiment on human’s to test the safety and efficacy procedure of experiment and what we have learned is to design and build the device of next generation, whereas; our next step is to complete the pivotal and pilot human clinical studies with the help of new device”. The more they added that now our plan is to treat 20 more patients in pilot study and after the successful completion of pilot testing we will treat 100 more patients in different countries however we will also follow them for predetermined length of time. After the pilot testing, if governmental regulatory bodies will feel that process is safe and secure than company will start to take the patients however the treatment will cost around $5,000. It is expected that the first procedure will be available outside of US, because of cost and regulations.

Some physicians and experts are suggesting on blog that this Strōma procedure can cause a pigmentary glaucoma, but company replied that we are also concerned about this issue and due to that right from starting we tested and measured this issue in initial pre-clinical and clinical research and studies. Till now we have not faced the situation of pigmentary glaucoma in our pre-clinical or clinical studies. The less clear thought is that whether this procedure is safe or not because still Q-Switched Nd:YAG infrared laser not in regular use to treat the skin pigmentation as Q-switched pulses are long that means there are enough time to transfer heat into the iris. This is just because iris is on the second layer of pigment, which is located behind the iris and pigmentary glaucoma occurs because Stroma treatment only affects the upper layer of pigment.

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