Unlock ZTE Grand S3 Smartphone with Eye Scan Tech

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The unlocking system of the earlier versions of Smartphone was really as easy as pressing a number of buttons that were suitably indicated by the mobile itself. Since these devices are the storage area of various important personal data, the security systems like passwords, squiggles and also fingerprint sensor has turned out to be the common solution. Recently eye scanning systems have been included to the features of ZTE’s new model Grand S3 Smartphone.

How ZTE Grand S3 is useful to the users?

At Mobile World Congress, this new model has been unveiled and the company announced that it utilized the Eyeprint ID arrangement. Unlike other iris-scanning system, which makes use of the complicated models of an individual’s iris as the single identifier, this new Eyeprint ID structure depends on the model of our blood vessels within the whites of the eye of human being for identification.

The front-facing camera of this phone is used to trap the eyeprint of the users; however it will not confirm an accepted user as quick as the fingerprint sensor. But, according to the Missouri-based Corporation EyeVerify, it is more protected than the other security systems. Though presently only applied to unlock the mobile, ZTE declares that their Eyeprint ID solution will be integrated shortly with the mobile payment as well as other apps.

EyeVerify moreover states its technology will not be tricked by images of anyone’s eyes. The technology only searches for tough vein designs and descriptors, mainly ignoring tiny capillaries and more prominent veins.

For the average users, the process of unlocking would be quite easy: Hold the mobile up and then watch it to unlock; no password is needed. The process of setting up that was demonstrated by ZTE showed that one has to look at the camera and then a moving green line would be seen. 

Other specifications of the model

However, apart from this eye-scanning system, the Grand S3 model perhaps does not have something more special that can make it unique to others. It is controlled through the quad-core CPU, which runs at about 2.5 GHz and also includes 3 GB capacity of RAM. The in-built memory holds 16 GB and it is supported by a microSD card of 64 GB. With Android 4.4 version, the model has a size of 5.5 inches and a display of 1920 by 1080. There is also a shooter of 16-MP on the rear part while the front camera id for scanning the peepers.

This ZTE Grand S3 model is at present accessible in China only, where it was released in January. The company declared the global distribution of the model, but has not still stated about the details of the pricing and the availability. This Grand S3 has the cost of about 2,999 RMB in the nation of China.

Before its introduction at 2015 Mobile World Congress, ZTE Grand S3 device was primarily launched locally in China on 17th January of 2015. This new model achieved an IF DESIGN AWARD mainly for its first class design that is made on the basis of the minimalist design idea of ZTE.

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