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5 components that Apple could manufacture very soon

Written by Andy Prosper

A couple of days ago we echoed how Tim Cook was breast-feeding on the North American origin of his devices, despite being assembled in China. And it said that Apple was nourished by 9,000 different suppliers to make their devices.  And it is a reality that the Cupertino company increasingly wants to manufacture the different components that it now has outsourced. These are the 5 most likely that Californians want to start producing, they would have more control over their own components and in theory they should give more round products.


Apple is secretly producing its microLED screens, revolutionary technology that would make it not depend on Samsung or anyone else to produce panels. This technology was applied at first in the Apple Watch, but with the intention of expanding to other devices.


The scandal of the battery by Apple weighs like a slab, for that reason they want to have more control with batteries manufactured by themselves. There are conversations with cobalt producers to make their own lithium batteries themselves.


The own GPUs are already a reality in the iPhone X and 8 series and this is not here, they want to expand to manufacture their own power management chips and graphics processing units before the end of this year.


He wants to equip coprocessors of the T series of the MacBooks and Mac during this year, as they already do the iMac Pro and the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. It would be a very radical change in the way in which Apple manufactures its devices.

CPU for Mac and MacBook

Intel would be the big loser, it would lose its fifth largest customer, because Apple would launch to produce customized chips. The scandal that occurred with Intel earlier this year does not want to be repeated, those vulnerabilities gave much to talk about.

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