5 Things To Do Before Upgrading Your Cell Phone

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As technology evolves, new cell phones with better features and upgrades hit the market periodically. You’ll probably want to upgrade to newer models as they come out and many cell phone providers give you this option whenever a new model is available. Before you purchase a new cell phone, here are five steps you should complete to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Consider Trade-In Options

Many providers offer discounts for purchasing new models if you’re willing to trade in your old devices. However, some people like to hold on to old devices to hand down to kids or just to have as a backup. You may also want to consider trading your old phone in for cash at an ecoATM kiosk. Whether you just want to reduce the clutter in your home or get some quick cash, ecoATM is a great option.

Check How an Upgrade Affects Your Contract

If your cell phone provider requires a contract for service, you need to check the terms to see how an upgrade will affect you. Many providers encourage customers to purchase upgrades by allowing them to break the cost of the phone into smaller monthly payments. The catch is that you will be locked in a contract until the phone is paid off. Other companies only allow you to upgrade every few years once your current model is outdated. To avoid any confusion about your cell phone bill after you upgrade, you need to make sure a new phone will not significantly affect the cost of your monthly payments.

Back Up Your Data

Most people keep a significant amount of information on their cell phones. From pictures and videos to documents and apps, there are many pieces of information that need to be transferred from your old phone to your new one. You can choose to use iCloud or your computer to back up your current phone and transfer all important information from one phone to the other. For the best results, it is a good idea to back up your phone periodically to make sure you don’t lose any vital information.

Sign Out of the Old Device

To make the transition seamless, you need to be able to access subscription-based apps on your new phone. You can’t be signed into two devices at once, so you need to be sure to sign out of the old phone completely. Sign out of your wi-fi, apps and iCloud account before activating your new phone. This allows you to sign in on the new device and deactivate the old one with no problems.

Update Two-Factor Authentication

You’ll need an authentication code to activate your new phone, but you won’t be able to access the code you need once your old device has been disabled. Before you begin the transition process, confirm that your two-factor authentication code will be sent to your email or a third device that belongs to a close friend or family member. This makes it easy to access the code so you can activate the new phone quickly and easily.

Getting a new cell phone is exciting. You’ll probably be eager to test out the new device and explore its different features, but it is important to make sure to take the right precautions and deactivate your old phone first to make the process as smooth as possible. Completing the five steps above helps you make sure an upgrade is the right solution for you and that the process will not cause a headache. If you are considering upgrading to a new cell phone, think about these five steps before you make a decision so you can be completely prepared for the transition.

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