Airbus Introduces A System to Jam Drones Out of the Sky

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Airbus – High Tech Solution to Small Flying Robots

To handle unwanted drones that tend to fly around, most of the people around United States have been using shotguns, but now a weapon has been specially designed to knock down drones out of the sky without much damage to them. The latest anti drone tool is from European aerospace and defense giant Airbus, which promises a high tech solution to small flying robots. The system is being shown at the Consumer Electronics Exposition in Las Vegas but it is not known if they have caused any nearby drones to crash.

The system provides high efficiency by combining sensor data from different sources with the latest data fusion, signal analysis and jamming technologies. It utilises operational radars, infrared cameras together with direction finders from Airbus Defence and Space’s portfolio in order to identify drone, assessing its threat ability at ranges between 3.1 and 6.2 miles. Owing to extensive threat collection with real-time analysis of control signals, a jammer tends to disturbthe link between drone and pilot and or its navigation. Moreover the direction finder tends to track the position of the pilot who can be subsequently be dealt with, by the law enforcement.

Boeing/Others Creating Anti-Drone Lasers

Owing to the Smart Responsive Jamming Technology created by Airbus Defence and Space, the jamming signals tend to block only the applicable frequencies utilised in operating the drone while other frequencies remain operational in the vicinity. Since the jamming technology tends to contain versatile receiving as well as transmitting potentials, added refined processes such as remote control classifications together with GPS spoofing could also be used which enables effective and precise jamming hence a takeover of the UAV.

The system of the Airbus is same like the Italy’s Selex ES that also tends to track drones and later seeks to jam them. For the defense companies which have already made tracking as well as jamming technology, shoving them together as anti-drone tool seems a smart business move, though it’s hardly the only way of stopping the drones. Boeing together with the othersiscreating anti-drone lasers in order to destroy the flying machines.

Device Works with all Private Drones

Bullets too tend to work if one is a marine sniper with accurate aim or one may have a bunch of machine guns and is not worried about where they may fall. The Battelle Drone Defender tends to combine these tacticsas a rifle-attachment which guards could point at a drone in order to jam it and send it crashing down. On the other hand, guards can look to South Korea and Tokyo wherein they are being tested or deploy net-carrying drones to hook the tiny robots. Battelle, a major government contractor, helps in handling some of the country’s national laboratories and makes scientific breakthroughs and discoveries, regularly.

Unlike some of the start-up drone defense systems which tends to have failed earlier, the devices of Battelle seems very much like it would be in the hands of law enforcement around the country, someday. Dan Stamm, who had developed the DroneDefender states that Battelle developed the device completely in-house and has already several federal agencies lined up for potential purchase once it is made available next year. The device would work with all private drones though according to Stamm it may be possible for drone companies or hobbyist to continue refining their technology so that the drone cannot be interrupted.


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