Apple Extended iPhone 5 Defective Battery Cover Replacement

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iPhone 5 Defective Battery Cover Replacement

Do you own an Apple iPhone 5 and are you completely disappointed about the fact that its battery keeps on dying? Well if that is really the case then you need not be tensed anymore as because now apple has declared that it will change all the defective iPhone 5 batteries till 2016 and has accepted the fact that there had been some sort of manufacturing problems due to which this defect have arisen. There are certain specifications though which needs to be fulfilled before you move on to get your phone battery fixed free of cost. First of all the phone should not be more than three years older than the retail date then and only then will the problem be fixed.

More about the program

This replacement program had been made prevalent because of the fact that after buying the Apple iPhone 5, there were a lot of complaints seeping in regarding the battery. When the rate of complains increased, Apple decided to probe deeper in to the problem and fix it. It has further declared that the fixations will be done only by the Apple authorised service centres and not any other place. In order to see whether your handset has qualified to get this service you have to at first log on to the official website of Apple and then move on to the support page where you will have to enter the serial number of your phone and if there it says that your phone has qualified you can go to the store and get it fixed.

There is another condition that needs to be fulfilled before you move on. It is to be checked that your phone is not damaged in any other way. Even if the screen has got broken for some reason then also the battery cannot be taken care of. Since there are a number of customers buzzing in, thereby it may need some time and you will have to wait for a bit in order to get back your phone battery in a good condition. Specifically, the main problem had been noticed with the sets that had been sold off between September 2012 to January 2013. So the phone batteries were to be fixed till January 2015. But since some other phones that were sold after that showed the same problems, it was decided that the period of getting the phone batteries fixed were extended for the convenience of the users.

Apart from this, there had been a different kind of replacement program that is the power button replacement programme by Apple. The higher authorities of Apple say that all these replacement programmes have been held because the manufacturing was faulty and it was their duty to replace the phone batteries of the ones who have been affected by this. So if you are having Apple iPhone 5 and you are tired of your battery dying now and then, its the right time to get them replaced and make the phone as good as new.

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