Audi Makes 2017 Q7 SUV Handle like a Sports Car

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Audi brings the perfect sports utility vehicle for the consumers with its awesome 2017 Q7 SUV. Just accelerating down the road in it, you will able to feel the power of this vehicle with its 3-litre V-6 engine. It has got the precise steering control which shows no lag and seems to move like the way you want it to. The driving experience of 2017 Q7 SUV is nothing less than magical with perfect control, boost of super powerful engine and great set of features. Audi has simply unleashed the best array of automobile engineering and technology in its 2017 Q7 SUV.


Features of 2017 Q7

2017 Q7 SUV happens to be latest generation of the Audi’s largest SUV vehicles. It has ample space to seat seven people and the third even doubles up to be either used for passenger or for placing cargo. Audi had given much thought over this transition of quickly making way for either passengers or cargo by simply doing few adjustments to the power-folding third row seats.

An impressive Virtual Cockpit

Audi brings a Virtual Cockpit with the help of a high resolution 12.3ich LCD display showing maps. It also has some other infotainment screens, which are overlaid with virtual gauges. In the Q7 Audi has placed the center mounted LCD in the dashboard which makes it easier to quickly access some of essential features in time. Destination searches has improved considerably in Q7 as one is just required to simply enter the name of the street address or business in a single entry box. Though this feature can only be accessed from the center display not from on the Virtual Cockpit which is a bit let down. On other hand, Virtual Cockpit in Q7 allows users to view navigation, the stereo, phone screens and vehicle information.


2017 Q7 SUV comes with an adaptive cruise control, which helps in maintain a comfortable distance from the traffic up ahead. Audi has a DriveSelect system, which allows driver to choose between different drive modes, which include Comfort, Offroad, and Dynamic modes. Each of these driving modes is preset for throttle, steering and suspension.

Audi 2017 Q7 SUV follows the tech trend

Audi started an impressive trend with its set of amazing toolkit of technologies and drive trains with which each new car happens to be better than the last. This trend started with the 2015 A3 and 2016 TT, which showed the real worth of a high class SUV. The Q7 follows the same trend and becomes bit more expensive than the earlier cars. Audi Q7 comes at a base price of $54,800 and with addition of the Virtual Cockpit display, the price goes up to $64,300.

Consumers also get to add some decisive Driver Assistance package, which includes all the safety features along with the Adaptive Chassis, and price goes all above seventy grand. The closet rival for Audi 2017 Q7 will be the Volvo XC90, which also emphasizes on bringing more comfort and elegance over the driving dynamics.


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