Earin Earbuds Genuinely Wireless

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Earin – Smallest Wireless Earbuds

Eric had launched its Kickstarter campaign in 2014 to bring about wireless earbuds in the market, not one just with Bluetooth but with a cable looped between them. They are to be the smallest of its kind besides being wireless.

The most appealing thing about Earin is that the company had put some of the investment in some quality packaging where the unboxing seems to be a good experience. A heavy, solid cardboard box together with inlaid magnets produces satisfactorily when moved apart to portray the cylindrical aluminium charging capsule that holds the buds inside snuggled in its own sheltered recess.


Some companies like Apple are aware that this kind of attention with detailed package is essential which tends to start the consumer experience on the precise note, against hacking away impenetrable vacuum formed plastic casing with the aid of scissors in an effort to unravel some of the tech encased within.

The process of assembling the Earin earphones is easy wherein on removing the earbuds from the capsule, which are magnetically sealed, on waking them up, you could attach the Comply foam tips to each of the wireless buds and go to the Bluetooth setting on the phone or tablet and opt for Earin L.

Charge – Standard Micro USB – 75 Minutes

This is owing to the Earin device being linked with the left bud which then syncs with the right one over a secured connection. In order to charge the buds, it needs to be placed back into the metal casing that holds a 600mAh li-on battery wherein on a full charge could refuel the earbuds with their 60mAh batteries, thrice prior to the power running dry.

The case tends to charge through a standard Micro USB within duration of 75 minutes in order to do so. The user gets below three hours of play time with a single charge of the buds in stereo which could be boosted to around 11 hours if on mono. One could also get an audible warning a few minutes prior the buds running out of charge. In order to turn off the buds one could put them back in the capsule.


Snug/Light Foam Tips

Unlike the other Bluetooth earphones, that are weighty to wear, Earin seems to be a pleasure to be plugged in your ears, due to its snug, light foam tips which are just 3.5g each. Rubber winged stabilisers have been provided if the pair does not seem to be secure.

Once they are plugged in they are difficult to spot and are subtle to the user. Energetic exercise is not recommended with Earin because if it tends to fall out, they could be hard to identify on dark floors or pavement, however it could be worn during walks or the usual jostling of trains and tube while travelling.

Besides the sound issues, the industrial design is excellent together with the quality of the construction that matches it. The reproduction of the sound is good though there seems to be some recurrent issues linked with the stability of the sound. The option of utilising the metal case to top up earbud charge on the go and to protect the Earin is an excellent choice together with it being small, comfortable as well as unnoticeable to wear.



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