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Avocarrot – full service platform launched by Glipsa: Native monetizing made easy

Written by Andy Prosper

About Avocarrot

Glispa’s native monetization platform for app developers combines a programmatic exchange with a mediation service, making it a one-stop solution to increase advertising revenue. Avocarrot covers high-resolution formats such as native and video, while seamless integration with Glispa’s (GAP) proprietary DMP provides developers with the ability to better analyze and address their audiences with usable user profiles. Through its simple SDK, Avocarrot provides app developers with transparency, individualization, and complete control over their monetization strategy.

In addition to its headquarters in Berlin, Glispa has further offices in Athens, Beijing, Bangalore, San Francisco, Tel Aviv and Sao Paulo, and employs an international team representing 50 nations and 44 languages. For more information, please visit

Powerful user profiling with a reach of one billion users, programmatic Native Advertising Exchange, and Mediation Engine – Merged SSP provides transparent all-in-one solution for App Developer

After the fourth strategic takeover, the Mobile Adtech pioneer Glispa Global Group is now expanding its product offering with Avocarrot. The full-service monetization platform serves both programmatic and performance-based mobile in-app advertising. Avocarrot offers users full transparency, control, and ease of use to enhance and achieve their monetization objectives.

Glispa, one of the leading independent players in the mobile adtech industry, has worked on this project over the past two years. Avocarrot changes the way how app owners and developers monetize their apps fundamentally. The new platform combines the enhanced functionality of the Ampiri mediation tool with Glispa’s specially developed Audience Platform (GAP). App developers have the ability to gain visibility and control over their mobile app inventory.

By changing the chance to switch between brand and performance sources, the All-In-One solution allows App developers to maximize their monetarizing potential. You no longer have to choose between CPM and CPI models. The new Avocarrot SSP is associated with more than 50 DSPs to meet RTB needs. At the same time, it offers access to all leading advertising networks for CPI campaigns. All functions are linked and thus provide the perfect solution for the best possible monetarization potential from a single source.


But not only the advertising revenues are increased, the user experience is also optimized. The expanded data analysis of GAP is the core for improved targeting and allows Avocarrot to provide usable data for better customization of advertisements. This complex target group segmentation also enables advertisers to target behaviors in addition to demographic targeting to improve user experience and engagement rates through native ads.

Glispa has a global reach of over a billion users. In addition, GAP uses Big Data to generate over 450 billion ad events per month in real-time. The full-service platform analyzes and normalizes data, while raw data in the background are converted into automatic user insights by means of machine learning algorithms. In this way, Avocarrot enables dynamic targeting.

Avocarrot can be used without prior knowledge thanks to the intuitive user interface and efficient information processing and analysis. This allows developers with no experience to develop native apps tailored to their app within a few minutes. Experienced monetarizing experts, in turn, have the ability to compile exactly the right native and video inventory through a very tight segmentation. The powerful platform allows advertisers to automate the selection to maintain the desired level of control.

“Avocarrot is the leading native monetization platform for app developers,” said Itamar Benedy, CRO at Glispa. “The combination of programmable brand budgets with CPI performance budgets in a completely transparent environment is unique in the Mobile segment, coupled with global reach and presence, enabling app developers to achieve much higher monetization targets.”

“The concept that the user experience and effective monetization targets are excluded is a thing of the past. With our new unified supply side platform, we are actively tackling one of the biggest problems in mobile,” adds Freddy Friedman, CPO at Glispa.


The launch of Avocarrot is now following a two-year development phase and significant strategic acquisitions. Glispa works together with numerous big mobile names such as Twitter, Amazon, Gilt, Deezer, Wish and Big Fish.

Glispa Global Group

The Glispa Global Group is a mobile adtech pioneer, enabling its customers to tap into a global audience and the most diverse markets. Glispa, with a comprehensive suite of technology-driven services, global advertisers, app developers, and publishers to achieve their mobile user acquisition and monetization objectives.

The Glispa Performance Network (GPN) helps

To-scale, high-performance, scalable users – with the help of thousands of publishers on a performance-based basis to maximize customer value. In addition, RelevanTech adds another valuable sales channel to the Glispa Performance Network. The company is working with mobile operators worldwide to pre-install its App Discovery Tool on mobile devices. The app provides a native user experience as well as pre-installed content for quick one-click installations.

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