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A leading UK mobile app development company and the nation’s largest specialist mobile consultancy for consumer as well as enterprise apps is based in London known as Chelsea App Factory – CAF.The company is located in an old factory building in Fulham and is a stockpile of industry. It develops apps for large corporates such as Ladbrokes, KPMG and Waitrose and is in dialogue with various other clients in building apps for them on a global level. CAF, being UK’s foremost enterprise mobile organisation has offices in London as well as Malaysia.

It had been established in 2010 providing standalone app development solutions and offers total strategic services aimed on intelligent and elegant solutions, which tends to connect the power of mobile. Moreover, the company also concentrates in transforming business with mobility through the active build, modified design together with the developments and enterprise innovation. The company has provided a cutting edge environment delivering remarkable, real business returns and their labs are more than powerhouses which effectively tends to drive business decisions with productivity and profit.

Meet One Strategic Priority of CEOs – 2015

It has been created to meet the number one strategic priority of CEO’s all over the world in 2015, while their innovation labs provide evident ROI by concentrating on consumer commitment and achievement and have created a niche for itself. The company’s extensive as well as proven armoury of Strategy, consultancy together with delivery beside the Innovation Labs warrants that businesses tend to always stay ahead.

Their leading enterprise mobilisation consultancy extends towards mobile apps for enterprise resolutions through the full cycle resolutions for most of the UK brands, Most of their clients tend to rely on their potentials of delivering enterprise application, swiftly which is suitable to their individual requirements comprising of multi-platform apps that tends to span iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows as well as Mobile Responsive Web. The company’s design and their development services create fully defined together with sized products which have been developed for users and also for experience.

Business Mobile Journey Provides Optimal solution

For the purpose of budgeted builds, planning as well as maintaining project cost and progress, they have been offering Project Management. The company is said to have delivered various first to market solutions together with lead with the best practice for most of their projects – full service mobile app and software development, design team comprising of Information Architects, End User Designers accompanied with Quality Assurance.

Their world class procedure makes sure that the business mobile journey provides optimal solution improved efficiency combined with enhanced productivity and ROI which surpasses expectations. Most of the UK companies can depend on the world-class approach of CAF which is a combination of Agile development together with Lean methodology in creating appreciated changes, flawlessly and significantly.


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