Cadillac XT5 with a Unique Wide Angled LCD Rear View Mirror

Cadillac XT5
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Cadillac XT5 comes with a unique rear view mirror which has a LCD showing the wide angled view of the traffic behind the car. It is way better than traditional rear view mirror and it will certainly take some time before getting used to. Cadillac XT5 has very carefully stitches together the images from multiple cameras to offer a seamless 180 degree view of the traffic before the car. Cadillac has announced this conceptual real view mirror a year ago and it has partnered with Gentex Corp to create this extremely unique yet valuable Rear Camera Mirror.

Features of the Rear Camera Mirror

It is a full display mirror having the ability to pull images from a relatively high definition camera placed right on the rear of the Cadillac XT5 car just above the license plate. The best thing about this camera is that it makes use of a hydrophobic coating which makes it easier to reduce the effects of the rains or water on the camera picture quality. Rear Camera Mirror has dimensions of 1280x 240 which results in the pixel per inch ratio of 171 pixels. Furthermore it also has reflective mirror mode which can easily adjust the brightness to counter the bright headlamps of other cars on the roads. In short Cadillac XT5 Rear Camera Mirror is equipped to deal with all kind of image retention ability in variety of on road scenarios with ease and grace.

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How it feels on the road?

Driving Cadillac XT5 with Rear Camera Mirror simply increases the field of view by four times than the traditional mirrors. It gives a wider and clearer view of the outside as the camera view isn’t obstructed by the passengers, roof pillar and seat headrests. The wide view works like a charm when driving through the city’s traffic or when parking the car. Users can easily switch to the camera view while driving by using the controls present on the car’s main LCD screen. Even on highway Rear Camera Mirror works like a charm doesn’t feel like it has been too low as camera is placed is just above the license plate.

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Huge possibilities for the camera-based mirrors in future

Cadillac experiment of bringing in a high quality rear view mirror by partnering with Gentex is just the first step or start. A number of automobile manufacturers are toying with the idea of using small camera as a side mirror replacement. Having cameras as replacement mirror will help in reducing the wind resistance along with making cars narrower than before.

Some companies are even researching at possibility of bringing comprehensive view of the outside by stitching the images taken from multiple at different locations. Honda has already brought a new feature Lane Watch wherein a camera is placed on the passenger side in order to remove the blind spot while parking or driving. In similar fashion Nissan is working with Gentex to create an innovative rear view mirror for its range of race cars.


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