Audioquest’s Nighthawk Delivers More Than it Promises on the Sound Front

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AudioQuest Nighthawk headphones come with a highly polished and elegant design which can eye-grabbing at sometimes. It has a raw rugged look which does with the traditional rounded fiber look of most of the high end headphones. AudioQuest’s NightHawk has been priced competitively at under $600 but it aims to offers incredibly smooth and enriching sound experience to the consumers which can only be found in the pricier headphones.

NightHawk comes in a heavy duty carrying case made up of genuine leather which results in a grandeur and luxurious feel. Though headphones happen to be huge in size but remain quite light in weight due to its state of art design and components. Users will get a pair of removable cables along with a custom adapter.


NightHawk are designed to be worn for longer period of times

Most of the users companies about bulkiness and heaviness of their headphones which starts taking toll of the body after a considerable amount of time. AudioQuest had used D shaped cup instead of the circular cups and it helps in adhering to the natural shape of ear in elegant manner. NightHawks has high quality synthetic leather pads which offers soft and cozy touch on the ear and doesn’t cause fatigue even after wearing for hours.

Only downside with NightHawk is that it doesn’t offer noise isolation which means you will have to deal with unwanted street noise when listening outdoors. But for the indoor use it is great headphone and offers one of the best music and sound experience which one can only dream of.

NightHawk offers a highly enriching sound quality

It doesn’t just shine and enthrall us with its elegant and smoothly polished design but also offers an incredible sound. Users won’t be going to lose any meaningful details with NightHawk when it comes to listening to the music. Treble response is quite standard with this headphones but it makes it for it by offers a pleasant and healthier sound quality. In simple words it is great headphone for listing to sound and music for a relatively longer period without hurting your ears and need to adjust the sound for each new track.


Highs and lows of the NightHawk

AudioQuest’s NightHawk shines on a number of matters such as offering high quality and enriching sound with an authoritative bass functionality. It can easily pick up wide variety of instrument textures which enhances the quality of listening to the music. It fits comfortably as AudioQuest has made use of D shaped cups which doesn’t cause any kind of fatigues.

The downsides are literally just two for the NightHawk but it can be easily looked over if you are looking for a high class headphone for just under $600. It misses on some of the details while playing music though it doesn’t maligns the listening experience. NightHawk is a huge headphone therefore using it over a relatively longer period might appear bit heavy than usual.


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