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Can Google Assistant Plan your Next Trip?

Can Google Assistant Plan your Next Trip?
Written by Andy Prosper

Planning your next trip can be rough. Not only is it time consuming but if you’re visiting a place for the first time then you don’t know where to go and how to get around the place. Well the internet can help you to a large extent. But reading reviews of a place on the internet and actually visiting the place may be a completely different thing. Plus places researched online may not be the real deal when actually visiting it. So next time around, avoid the hassle and let Google Assistant plan your next trip.

So here is some guide on how can Google Assistant plan your next trip.

How Google assistant plan your next trip by selecting your rental:

Taking a road trip? Don’t want to drive your own car or maybe you flew to a place and like to get around town on your own? Then let Google Assistant help you book your next rental. Expedia and Google assistant have partnered up to help you plan your next trip. Besides providing you with details for your next trip, Expedia also helps you in getting a rental. When using Expedia, you’ll be asked to link your Google account and Expedia account so it’s better creating an Expedia account well in advance.

Google Assistant Plan your Next Trip?

You can also use apps such as Flixbus with Google Assistant. Just ask Google Assistant for Flixbus and then it will ask you your travel details. Once all that is done you just have to pay for your ticket which you can do simply with your voice.

Let Google Assistant Plan your next Trip locations:

If you’re looking for places to visit while on trip, then don’t simply browse online or ask Google to search for places for you. You can use a third party service such as Musement the next time you need to search for places to visit. Simply ask Google to ask Musement about best places to visit in a particular place and and you’ll get some great options to browse through.

Use Public Transport to get around Town:

Allow Google Assistant to plan your next trip by searching for public transport in the city you visit. You can get around town using public transport like buses or the subway. Transit Now a third party service gives you the schedule of subway timings as well as bus stops close to you.

Alternatively you can let Google assistant plan your next trip by selecting Uber or Lyft. Just say Hey Google book me a ride to so and so place and Google assistant will give you a list of options as well as the price of each. This saves a lot of time that would otherwise be spent toggling between Uber, Lyft and whatever other options there may be available.

You can also use Google assistant in estimating your time of arrival at your destination. While it is good at predicting your estimated time, Google assistant is not very good at predicting traffic conditions.

Planning to eat out- Make Google Assistant make your reservation:

If you have a Google Pixel phone simply use Google Duplex to make reservations. You can ask Google assistant for restaurants and then pick one. Google assistant will then make the reservation for you. Duplex will ask for permission to call the restaurant and then do so for you.

A cautionary note, some restaurants will not allow Google Duplex to make reservations on your behalf in that case Google Assistant will open up Open Table for you.

If you don’t have a Google Pixel phone, then the steps are a little bit longer. You just ask Google assistant for restaurants nearby and then call and make the reservations yourself.

Learn a new Language with Google Assistant:

This may be a little ambitious, but at least you can learn a few words in the native language of the place you are visiting. You can ask Google assistant how to say just about anything in a foreign language. You can learn how to place an order for food, get around the place, say thank you and welcomeand more.

Allow Google Assistant Plan your next Trip with friends or Family:

You can ask Google assistant for places to visit while on group chat. Instead of toggling back and forth between various tabs on the internet and your chat, you can get all your search results on the chat page itself.

Fly with Google Assistant:

Next time you’re looking for a flight let Google Assistant do it for you. Simply ask Google to search for flights to so and so place on so and so date and away you go.

Plan Your Holiday to the “T” with Google Assistant:

Google assistant plan your next trip to the “T”. You can ask Google assistant to read through your schedule of places to visit today. Also You can also ask Google assistant to tell you about the weather for the day so that your plans are not spoilt. You can also get the local news while holidaying so that you can make the best plans for your trip.

Weather Updates with Google Assistant:

It’s so irritating when you plan on going out on a nice sunny day and you get dull overcast skies instead. So next time in order to avoid such an eventuality, let Google assistant plan your next trip by telling you about the weather before you venture out and have your day ruined by something like the rain.

Tie up with Expedia:

Google has tied up with Expedia. As mentioned earlier, besides managing your rentals you can also use Expedia to book hotels, flights and even get packing tips on your next trip.

These are some of the ways in which you can allow Google assistant plan your next trip for you. These tips are very helpful in getting around especially if you are visiting a new place. From eating to visiting to speaking the native tongue Google assistant got you covered. So next time around try this new method to getting around town.

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