Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Hands-On Review

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV First Top End Canon Camera

One of Canon’s longest running successful stories has been the 5D and three generation in, it still seems to be at the top with regards to full frame performance together with price. The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is the first top end Canon camera having a touchscreen that tends to make tweaking the focus point which is a bit easier in spite of a camera body that is occupied with buttons. The 5D series of cameras of Canon tends to have a rich heritage where the original EOS 5D accepted full frame photography to many.

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For the first time, the Mark II released Full HD video capture on a DSLR and though the Mark II did not have the innovative structures of its predecessors, its enhanced AF scheme had made it the most complete DSLRs of recent times which was appreciated by supporters as well as professionals. For those desiring even more pixels, the arrival of the new generation of the 50.6MP  5Ds seems to be a great deal in spite of the range being a bit different.  The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV tends to utilise a DIGIC 6 as well as a DIGIC 6+ processor.

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Inherited Dual Pixel AF Technology

The former is used exclusively for metering, releasing the DIGIC 6+ processor to manage other things inclusive of the 61-point AF system with the 41 cross kind of sensors, out of which five are dual cross-type for greater accuracy.  The AF system is said to be delicate down to -3EV which is darker than moonlight and hence concentrating should not be a problem in poor light.

One can utilise the combination of lens/teleconverter with maximum space of f/8 and yet have the luxury of all 61 AF points which could be a draw for sports as well as wildlife photographers. The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV has also inherited the Dual Pixel AF technology of Canon which means that there are phases-detection points on the imaging sensor with potentials of quicker AF acquisition envisaged in the 5D Mark III together with speedy performance as in mirror-less cameras.

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Features DC14K Video Capture

The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is said to feature DCI4K video capture at 4096 x 2160 pixels at 30/25/24fps which means that one can extract 8.8MP JPEG images if required from 4K video due to the Motion JPEC file format which is made available for 4K capture.  This is said to be the only file format for shooting 4K but there are no other options to shoot in a flat gamma profile.At 1080p things tend to get much better with a multitude of full HP choices together with the potential of shooting 129fps HD video for some remarkable slow movies.

It also has an external microphone as well as headphone port together with HDMI Mini out and USB 3.0 terminals. Lastly the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV sports dual SD and CompactFlash card slots accommodating fast UDMA 7 cards tends to feature Wi-Fi as well as NFC connectivity for the purpose of transferring images to well-matched device.  A detailed sensor along with some minor tweaks would possibly keep the supporters of Canon happy though the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV tends to go beyond a modest improvement.  With the inclusion of Wi-Fi, GPS and NFC which are a sincere surprise, the Dual Pixel RAW could be great game changers also.


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