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Cyber Criminals Use Social Media to Cooperate With Each Other On Executing Major Attacks

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Yes it is true that on one hand, technology has got an advancement that is being used for the benefit of mankind only but then it is also true that it is also a causal agent of many unwanted criminal attacks both in the real world as well as the virtual one. According to the recent reports that have been published in the newspapers, day by day the rate of cyber crime is increasing at an alarming rate. And as a causal agent for it, the social media is being held responsible repeatedly. People will argue to this point that without the social media our life is now incomplete and that it has become a part and parcel of our life. But again at the same time it is also true that many are there who use social media very casually and are not at all aware of the mishaps that can occur at a go. And this article is being given to demarcate the ways in which cyber crime is increasing and what needs to be done in order to stop that.

Life with social networking sites

Nowadays, our life is incomplete without various social networking sites like facebook, twitter, instagram, Gtalk and so on. Just like you are chatting with your friends in these forums, similarly the cyber criminals communicate and make plans cooperatively using these forums only and the plans are basically meant for major attacks. Also the fact that is to be remembered is that like real crime is easy to recognise beforehand in case of cyber crime it is not so. Real crime leaves back traces but if you notice the expert cyber crimes, you will see that the criminals do have the tenacity to erase all traces of the attack away.

In some cases it has been seen that the criminal groups are made by people who haven’t even seen each other. All they mean to have is money and when the monetary deal is all settled they just get included in the group without further delay and start planning. In this way the chain goes on increasing. It becomes difficult to get hold of the head of the group as because there seems to be a possibility of him giving his fake profile to the other members of the group so that they would not recognize him fully.

In the strong administration of the IT system also they are capable of finding the loophole that is required. And due to a huge group of cyber criminals the process becomes even easier. This is because the crime can be committed just by sitting back at home there can be no way of reaching them after that. The higher officials of this department are really anxious about this whole issue and are taking steps to find better strategies to fight this burning problem right away. And for the commoners who use social media regularly, it is being requested not to use it casually.

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