Internet Will ‘Disappear’, Says Google Boss Eric Schmidt

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On Thursday, Google boss Eric Schmidt predicted that the internet would soon become omnipresent in every aspect of our lives that in the background it will effectively disappear. While talking to the business and political elite at the World Economic Forum at Davos, Eric stated internet has become so pervasive that we will so many devices, so many sensors around us and we will not even be aware about the same. He further added that the internet would be part of the human’s presence all the time. Just image, you walk into a room and you are able to interact with everything that is happening in that room at that time. Schmidt stated that now it is a time for highly personalized, highly interactive and emergence of a very interesting world.

Jobs Killing

The high level panel which is found only abt the ski slopes of Davos, comprises of heads of Microsoft, Google, and Facebook as well as Vodafone, who sought out together to put to rest to their fears pertaining to the rapidly advancement in the technology and this killing out the jobs. Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook admitted that everyone around us is worried about his or her jobs. She further acknowledged that rapid changes in the world of technology are transforming the concept of jobs faster than before. Technology not only creates jobs in the technological space but even outside as well.

Schmidt quotes statistics pertaining to the tech job, which are created in every 5-7 jobs in any given area of an economy. He gave the example of Europe. He stated if Europe has one single digital market, 400 million important new jobs will be created adding to the already suffering Europe with high level of unemployment. Google boss stated that speculation has already surrounded the mere fact that technology is killing out jobs, what change we can see now is the speed of highlighting this issue. He added that this situation can be compared to the scenario when people lost their farming jobs due to introduction of tractors, but the aim still remained at equal and providing a globalized solution.

Satya Nadella, chief executive of Microsoft said that the main issue that needs to be tackled is the spreading of the negatives of the tech. He added that even though he is optimistic, which is important aspect when in tech business, the questions remains about human capital. Human empowered by tech can do great things. Sandberg, Facebook Boss stated that internet in the initial days was about anonymity but now everyone is sharing everything about them, making them completely visible. Google boss added that it is no longer possible for countries to go ahead with basic assumptions in different fields and as well as to communicate. Isolating oneself will no longer be effective. Sandberg added that as if now 40% of people have access to people and we can do so many things, just image if this percentage increases to 60-70%.


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