Eff You See Eye: A highly enhanced and modernized bike debuts as ‘Bicycle of Future’

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Most of the vehicles have undergone a huge transformation since the time they were first invented. However, the very common and most widely used eco friendly vehicle i.e. ‘bicycle’ had failed to change much since the time of its inception in 1880’s. In the recent times, the bicycle manufacturing firms had experimented a lot with the bicycle but still the fundamental design of the bike more remained the same called Eff You See Eye.

The use of carbon fibre in the bikes has considerably changed the scenario of the bike manufacturing which resulted in production of super light and more stylish bikes. The new Eff You See Eye concept is all set to change the way we view bicycles drastically.

Specialized brings innovative thinking in Eff You See Eye bike design

Robert Egger’s company named Specialized has brought an initiative of developing a completely modern bike for the 21st century. Specialized is a high profile bike manufacturer, which started work on its upcoming ‘Bicycle of Future’ named as ‘Eff You See Eye’ or commonly referred as FUCI.

The design changed in FUCI

FUCI is all set to feature a sleeker and boxy body design and it will be doing away from the traditional thin pole frame design for this modernized look. The Eff You See Eye design will be very much similar to the motor bike and this bicycle will also possess one of a kind aero visor on the handlebars. FUCI will be powered by lithium batteries, which will be placed at the rear flywheel and it will possess a smart cradle for safely keeping the Smartphone on the stem of handlebar.

Smartphone set to control the future bike-Eff You See Eye

Most of the people nowadays rely on the smart phones to either shop, pay or do other kinds of daily activities. Specialized had taken this reliance of people on Smartphone in a more serious manner by allowing a complete control over the superbike with just smart phones.

Smartphones can be used to unlock, disable the Eff You See Eye bike along with charting the ride route or suggesting alternative for any destination. FUCI also possesses a good network of sensors, which enables it to turn on the lights automatically when it gets dark, and it warns the users about tyre pressure and even sense other vehicles getting too closer to the bike.

Future bike fights the strict rules of certification

Specialized had given six months developing this concept and it has decided to fight back the strict rules and regulations set by the UCI. UCI is the professional cycling world governing body, which lay down the rules and regulation for the development of bikes.

But Specialized had simply overlooked the restriction and had equipped its bike with awesome features and technology of high class and value. FUCI will possess the electronic technology along with disc brakes and protective screens.

Due to these violations of restriction and use of futuristic technology in just a bicycle FUCI is not to be considered safe for the roads. Most of the people who eagerly wish for this Eff You See Eye to hit the markets should hope that UCI changes its approach and gives free pass to the FUCI.


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