SleepSense: Samsung’s Paddle-Shaped Sleep Sensor Can Control Your Home While You Sleep

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Samsung’s SleepSense – Sleep Monitor

Sleep monitor known as SleepSense has been created by Samsung, which tends to work in its own uniqueway and all that is needed by the user isto place it under the mattress in order to get accurate information with regards to the sleep pattern.

This is made possible by detecting the vibrations and the vibrations are detected by utilising piezo sensors which are linked with smartphone application. Sleep according to Samsung is a mysterious frontier which enables the individual to rejuvenate and with this in focus, the company has developed SleepSense.

The new technology devices seems like a table tennis bat which can be utilised to measure in depth data connected to the heart rate and respiratory rate which is not related to motion but quantifies the data accordingly.

It begins its calculations from measuring the total sleep time, the time it took to fall asleep, the sleeping efficiency, how many time one woke up and how many times one got out of bed and much more. Samsung informs that this method can measure a user’s heart rate, respiration as well as the movement with 97% accuracy.

Connects Through Low Energy Bluetooth

The SleepSense tends to connect through low energy Bluetooth to the user’s smartphone and provides daily sleep reports each morning which could include sleep score out of 80 which according to Samsung enables people to quickly measure how good was their sleep and compare them with the different days, weeks and months.

However, the sensor of SleepSense not only monitors the sleep but also tends to actively improve on it. The SleepSense will connect to Samsung devices around user’s houses inclusive of the newly unveiled SmartThing smart hub as part of Samsung’s on-going push in the Internet of Things – IoT.

By this, the sensor can dim lights, switch off the TV as well as fidget with the air conditioning when it notices that someone is intending to sleep and could also make the same arrangements in the morning byturning on the radio and also getting a cup of coffee ready through the internet connected brewers. This concept is remarkable and will eventually lead to an automated household strategy very soon.

Smart Alarm to Wake Up

Samsung also indicates that it has more plans in expanding this function in the near future, though presently there is no reactive element to the SleepSense.

For instance, it would not  provide the person with cool air if it observes that one is not sleeping well. With introduction of this device, one will not have to take advice from healthcare personals since they can have their own sleep consultant who can guide them on improving their sleeping patterns with the help of this device.

A good relaxed sleep is often essential for good health as well as for the brain according to research. The device also has a smart alarm which helps to wake up slowly by monitoring which is the best time suitable for the person to rise and will ultimately make your feel renewed all through the day.


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