Air Force One: Fascinating Facts About the President’s Plane

Air Force One
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The mammoth looking 747 Jetliner, known as Air Force One, is the official aircraft of the US president, which is being used for the transportation purpose in domestic and international travel. These days, some of the aerospace and also some defense analysts are considering relatively smaller aircraft for the same purpose, which will be a less expensive mode of transportation for the president. President Donald Trump dubbed the suggestion of an alternative of the Air Force One by citing the reason of “out of control” costs of replacement and upgrading programs.

Some of the most amazing features of this President’s Plane are as follows:

  • It can be noted that the Air Force One is used for radio call name, which helps in avoiding and sorts of confusion with any other aircraft in the vicinity. This measure has been taken after an instance in 1953, while another plane came into the same airspace of the then president, Dwight Eisenhower.
  • It is in the news that there two current planes are required to be replaced as these jets of 747-200B series were customized and purchased at the time of President Reagan’s tenure and began their service in the year 1990. In the mean time, Boeing has shut down their production of 747-200, which made it quite difficult to replace parts.
  • The Air Force One is considered as the three layers oval office on air. A massive 400 square feet of space consists of a conference room, electronic gadgets and the state of the art office, along with, medical room with operation facility and an onboard doctor.
  • Apart from the president, there are provisions to accommodate senior advisers, reporters, officers from the secret service and guests, who use to fly with the president on domestic and international flights.
  • A Marine One helicopter use to fly the US president to the Maryland’s Andrew’s Air Force Base, whenever he leaves the office at White House. From there, the president uses to board the Air Force One plane, which is having the jammers and also flares that can be helpful in diverting any missile attack on the aircraft.
  • During the flight and in the case of any fuel shortage; this unique aircraft is having the facility of refueling in the midair position, along with other combat planes, which can be done with the help of a fuel plane that may be hovered overhead of the president’s aircraft.
  • It can be noted that the Air Force One is traveling at a whopping speed of 965 km/hour, which is almost the same speed of the sound. This plane is having the excellence of reaching the magical altitude of 45,100 feet, while most of the commercial flights use to fly on an average 30000 feet only.
  • Most importantly fact is; the cost of the Air Force One’s every hour of flight is $206.337, which is being made out of the taxpayers’ money. All sorts of facilities and customization of this plane cost a massive amount.

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