Few tips to spend less time on your phone

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In the recent times a large number of studies have pointed towards the considerable dependence upon the mobile devices. Most importantly it shows that the mobile users are spends far much time on their phones than engaging in any other activities. This inadequate looking up to the gadgets like phone and others does ring bells of dangerous on both physical and emotional level. A recent poll conducted shows that 62% of British individuals had complained about the amount of time they spend on their mobile devices.

Here are some of the useful and simple ways to considerably diminish the time spent on the phone.

  1. It’s time to turn off the Notifications

It is necessary and can be easily considered bad habit to reach out for the phone whenever a notification tone is heard. Checking out each and every notification starts a chain reaction users seem to give far more time in browsing through notification than they initially intended. Disabling the notifications will keep you focused in your work and it will reduce the time spent on the phone by great margins. Few important notifications can be turned on but other should be just disabled especially the social media related.

  1. Know the time Spent on Phone

Statics are the best way to know how much you are actually wasting your time on phone. Users can download some apps like Quality Time on Android Platform and Moment on iOS platform which can easily monitor the mobile usage and inform accordingly. It measures the time spent on the mobile in great detail with commendable stats. This will certainly motivate you to lessen the time on unfruitful activities.

  1. Discipline Yourself By Carving Phone-Free Periods Each Day

Make some rules for yourself for not using mobile phones during certain time periods or while performing certain activities. Not using phones while having dinner, not bringing it in bathroom or while studying, teaching or reading books or watching movies. This will certainly take some efforts on the part of the user to schedule themselves to their designated free-mobile periods. Students can put their phone in airplane mode while doing homework; this will increase the concentration and productivity.

  1. Keep Phone Away While Sleeping

Certainly keeping along the bedside as alarm or keeping it by the bedside does no good at all. Users usually end up using the phone right before going to sleep to waking up. Messaging, watching move, browsing till late at night followed by quickly checking up the notification after waking up, all amounts to increasing the time spent on phone. Thus leave the phone away before hitting the bed.

  1. Take Small Breaks From Phone

It isn’t possible to all of sudden break the age old habits and stay away from phone completely. Mobile users can train themselves for stipulated one minute screen time and 15 minute break time. In this user checks the phone for all the activities ranging from calling, messaging browsing, replying etc. for just a minute and then goes for a fifteen minutes break. Phone should always be upside down and same routine is to be applied whenever a notification arrives.

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