Cyber Scammers Circulating Fake Messages on Whatsapp Inviting Users to Try Calling Feature

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Cyber Scammers Circulating Fake Messages in Social Media:

After the launching of Whatsapp and its rapid outburst we can bet on the facts that without it our lives are unstable today. The first thing that we check is not the time but our mobile for the Whatsapp notifications. But did you notice the fact that recently you have been getting a lot of free calling invitations?

Well if you have been clever enough, then you might have been able to avoid this unwanted scam but then if it is not so then let me get your facts straight right away. These free calling services are nothing but a part of the malware that had been disturbing users of Whatsapp all over the world. The worst part is that this malware is really spreading fast enough to be barred and the chain cycle is spreading like wildfire.

Stay Alert

With the increasing advancement of science and technology it is true that the messaging apps like Whatsapp really helps a lot in letting you socialise but then you never know where manipulation lurks.

So even while using Whatsapp or any other sort of messenger, one must be very careful and alert so as to avoid any sort of unwanted situations. Actually what these malware functions do is that they spread the messages regarding alluring offers and that serves as a bait for the users.

And once you opt for that, then you will see that a lot of hidden charges are being taken off from your account.Since Whatsapp is now being used by one and all, which is the reason why it has become the main centre of operation for the cyber criminals who are forever planning to execute major attacks and earn more money. So be it for anything- to converse with your peers or to do something formal and professional, you should be pretty sure about the option you are clicking in to.

Recently some other reports of malware have been published elsewhere. For example some people have complained about the fact that they had got update notifications and the options showed that their application had been indeed upgraded but when they checked later on there had been no signs of up gradation- rather they had been directed to an unwanted service that costs Rs-7 per day. They also complained about the fact that these malwares have been designed as such that they cannot be unsubscribed easily.

In order to avoid these entire fiasco one should be clever enough to upgrade the application only from the official store so that you can be assured that it is not any malware of any sort.

Remember once you are trapped it will be hard to get off as because you have already given your personal details over there and have also agreed to the terms and conditions of the website too. So it’s high time you started passing this important message to your near and dear ones so that they the awareness can be spread in a fast paced manner.

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