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Firefox Users, Here’s a Security Flaw you’ll Need to Fix

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Security Flaw – Mozilla’s Web Browser – Firefox

Recently Mozilla reported vulnerability in its browser, which was discovered by Firefox user. It is another security flaw which affects Mozilla’s Web browser, Firefox, though this one seems to be easy to fix. This bug can upload files from a computer if one visit the wrong news site but the same can be closed up by downloading the latest version of the browser.

An ad on an anonymous news site in Russia can tap into the vulnerability in uploading certain files from a user’s computer to a server seemingly based in Ukraine Exploiting Firefox’s PDF Viewer. Its use of the JavaScript code, which the hack tends to capture only `developer focused files, consider file transfer protocol – FTP, in Windows.

The exploit does not leave any traces that it had been run on the machine. If one uses Firefox or Windows or Linus it would be practical to change any passwords as well as keys that may be found in the files, if using associated programs. Users who tend to use ad-blocking software may be protected from this exploit based on the software and the specific filters that are utilised.

Software Imperfect – Hackers on the Rise

Personal files as well as data are not affected in the attack, though the hack is still disturbing. Security hacks and exploits have been increasing each day and those browsing the Web or use Windows or Adobe Flash or other various products tend to face another security tension.

The Mac OS also which had a good reputation of being secure, is not secured anymore. Software has become imperfect with hackers always on the move in exploring ways of exploiting certain vulnerabilities.

Mozilla had taken efforts in protecting the computers with security software and has recently released the latest version of Firefox – version 39.0.3 which comprises of a fix for the security hole. All Firefox users are urged by Mozilla to upgrade to this latest version to fix this vulnerability. In order to update to the latest version of Firefox, one could click on the Help menu from the Menu Bar or the Firefox button towards the upper left corner.

Upgrade to Latest Version 39.0.3

Thereafter click on the setting for About Firefox and if one does not have the latest version, you will see a button which reads `Update to 39.0.3’.

You could click on that button and Firefox will automatically begin the update to the new, secure version and prompt you to restart the same. Vulnerability can affect both Windows and Linux and does not tend to affect the Firefox mobile app for Android since that program does not have the PDF Viewer.

Mozilla has expressed surprise at the kinds of files which have been targeted. Daniel Veditz, Mozilla security lead had recently commented on security blog, that `the files it was looking for were surprisingly developer focused for an exploit launched on a general audience news site, though of course we don’t know where else the malicious ad might have been deployed’. He also added this sobering thought that `the exploit tends to leave no trace that it had been run on the local computer.



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