The Importance of Mobile Solutions for Companies and the Potential Issues

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If you don’t already utilise mobile devices throughout your office, you’re missing out on a world of convenience. Although it’s not always a great idea to give everyone a tablet or a smartphone, assigning them to core team members or keeping communal devices on-hand can really improve the efficiency of your office and make your employees more agile (business-wise). Let’s have a look at the benefits of using mobile, but also a bit of a cautionary warning too about where it can go wrong, if you’re not careful.

Fantastic Apps

Organisational, educative, and generally useful apps can massively help your employees meet deadlines or get to client presentations on time. If your members of staff have to do a fair amount of travelling, simple things like the National Rail app will help them get where they need to be in a timely fashion. It also means that they can access the internet anywhere with a wireless connection, making it easy to look up schedules or information.


By equipping your employees with mobile devices that have in-built cameras, you can get your staff members to take pictures of business-related fun moments, which will help to keep your social media account alive with fresh content. They can also be a great way of keeping the rest of the company in-the-know about what is happening in other parts of the business.


Your employees can still be a part of the creation process and read through documents while they are at home or travelling across the country to see a client. As long as they have an internet connection, they can take their work anywhere. Emails can be answered and issues can be resolved – they are just a mobile device away!


If your employees need to be able to easily access presentation material, and make sure that they have everything clearly set-up on train over to a client’s office, an iPad or tablet can ensure that they’re ready to go, with all of the slides prepared. All they’ll have to do is hook it up to a computer, and they can deliver winning presentations that will bring in revenue.


Short of pen and paper, or you just don’t want to have type everything up afterwards, a mobile device is a great way to take down the important information from the meeting, and it saves quite a lot of time/resources.

Potential Security Problems

Mobil Computing From Dell’s video highlights some of the issues with having mobile devices throughout a network, but also emphasises that there are solutions for these problems too. There can be some security issues that arise from mobile devices tapping into the internet, but with enough protections put in place, all should be fine. Of course, educate your employees on when they can safely use their mobile devices, and make sure that you work with a third party company, in order to stop your documents getting attacked on a wireless network.


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