Google Fixing Captcha Is the Best Tech News of the Decade

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Google is taking another shot a solving a problem which is being considered as one of the biggest problems of the present age. They are working on to solve the issue pertaining to the “Captcha human verification text check” system. This is the system which will allow people to even identify the action of their toddlers even before they can start carrying out their important business over internet. The main idea behind this system is to avoid using letter as means of identification with what can be called, as simple question- “Are you sure you are human”. Most of the time work is carried out before a single click, although Google has suggested mysterious combination of click accuracy, mouse speed, IP details, and computer stats. All this has to be verified before clicking. Nevertheless, there is no information indicating what needs to be done if the user fails to verify the above-mentioned details.
Robotic clicks
On wired what started as an argument turned out to be huge debate pertaining to the privacy implications of the new Captcha system, wherein the readers pointed out that there is lot more to lose than just to understand whether we are humans or silicon. They stated that Google is using your mouse using pattern as well as the browser history to identify the user as human. What need to note here is not the fact that you will reminded about being a human, but the fact that the company already knows what kind of websites and images a user is likely to use and click. According to Commenter Velocipedes, Google does not need to work too hard to find more details about us as they are already having most of the information, which is voluntarily provided by users.
The cat-matching game
Some of the readers on the “Verge” have focused their attention towards the cat photos and thereby questioning the unclear images and how, Google has been using these images to fine-tune their own categorization photo recognition tools. According to the claims made by Commenter Outerwave, this cat matching game is deliberately unclear. The message behind this system is very ambiguous. Overall, these captcha’s are going to help Google improve their Google search. This main idea is about harvesting Captcha in order to enhance their image search results. This at the end makes more sense.
The Matrix
The Register reader, Irongut has wrong impressions about the AI and he indicated it to be a complete failure at the present Captcha technology. It usually becomes a difficult task to get the Captcha correct at the first goes, a person might have to try it for more than 3 times which usually takes by nearly 5 minutes. This makes the entire Captcha matrix very complex.
Omnipresent Advert
The new crowd-computing system of Google has drawn serious debate pertaining to coping of people with disabilities. Another issue was the questioning the ethics of Google who was using people to sort out their cat photos. At the end anything that earns money and people have been lied about the same, is completely unethical.

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