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Google Play Movies will be Upgraded to 4K for Free

Google Play Movies
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Google Play Movies to Upgrade to 4K Resolution

In 2016, 4K resolution was first seen on Google Play Movies. At that time, the users were wondering how they could get their movies upgraded to 4K. With Google Play, you could not upgrade the titles that were already purchased. There was also no option of paying for viewing the movies in 4K. There is good news from Google regarding the upgrade which will be seen on Google Play Movies.

Google Play Movies will upgrade the movies that you have purchased to 4K resolution for free. Google made an announcement on Oct 23 that when the 4K titles become available from the participating Hollywood studios, then there will be an upgrade to 4K for your previous movies that you have purchased. When your movie title has been upgraded to 4K then you will get an alert saying ‘Upgraded to 4K’ in the Play Movies & TV app.

Since most of the big screen television sets of today have the standard 4K resolution, this move made by Google is excellent news. If the movies were in standard definition (SD) or high definition (HD), they will be automatically upgraded to 4K resolution. This will be done totally free of cost.

Google Play Movies & TV App

According to Google, if you open the Play Movies & TV app, it will tell you which movie titles have been upgraded to 4K. The Google Play Movies will however not have an upgrade to 4K for all the movie titles. The older movies may not have an upgrade and also Google Play Movies will get a 4K upgrade for only those titles from the participating Hollywood studios.

The Google Play Movies & TV app too are getting upgrades for the smart TVs. The Google Play Movies with 4K viewing can be experienced on Sony Bravia 4K Smart TVs, most of the 4K Samsung Smart TVs and LG 4K Smart TVs when you go to the Play Movies & TV app.

As most of the TVs that are coming out in the market are 4K and there are 4K-enabled set-top boxes, this Google Play Movie with the 4K resolution will ensure the best picture quality for your titles.

Earlier Apple upgraded some of the movies to 4K in the iTunes Store. The upgrades were however limited. The upgrades were based on how they were purchased or redeemed to your library.

The Google Play Movie with 4K resolution could also see certain restrictions. It is still uncertain when the Google Play movies with the 4K experience will actually roll out, which titles will be under the free category and whether you can pay for the titles which have not been included in the list.

According to Google, all the 4K movies in future will cost less. The price has dropped from $30 to $20 for 4K titles.

With the Google Play Movies being upgraded to 4K it will be possible to watch your titles in the best picture quality. The device you use to watch your movies is irrelevant.

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