Google Wallet Is Getting Serious!

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Google has recently come up with a declaration that it is also going to launch a mobile payment application named as Google Wallet and it is almost like an open challenge on the face of Apple. This mobile payment Application will come in a pre installed manner in Android phones. This means that payment procedure is going to be even easier with the help of these applications in the android phones from now on. And after this declaration many customers have shown their approval regarding this application.

Actually Soft card was launched in 2010 and since then there has been no looking back. And now soft card has held hands with Google Wallet app and that is the reason why this will come preloaded in every android phone that Samsung will launch hereafter. The main three carriers that will support and install this application are Kitkat and the others above them which are essentially the main platforms of android phones right now. At first Google Wallet had been just a proposition and nothing else. But then again, the customers busted out with so much support regarding it that the proposition finally turned out to be a reality. Just after the declaration of this application, the various phone companies like Samsung are thinking that the sale of phones is going to increase to a great extent because of this great application and there can be nothing stopping it.

The best part about Google wallet

You can purchase lots of things in the online stores with it and the procedure is actually easier than the normal paying method. You can store both debit cards and credit cards in this Google wallet and this also ensures that your monetary transaction is perfectly safe. And you can rest assured about the fact that your details are perfectly safe and confidential with it. If your phone does not have the Kitkat or higher platform then also you can get the Google Wallet service- the difference is that it does not remain pre installed. But you can buy it in the Google play store if you like. This application has been designed as such that hackers cannot get hold of any account in anyway and there is a tight security all around.

In order to get hold of Google Wallet you need to know about the privacy concerns as well which includes the storage of data required for the monetary transaction like the transaction details, payment attempts and other such stuff. Google has designed it so that the moment it detects any sort of malware or any attempt to trespass on your account the account will be blocked right away.

Yes it is true that the storage of personal information is very important for getting some sort of cash and this has give ride to a lot of controversies, but then Google claims to use it for the sole benefit of the users so that their details are under tight security and is entirely confidential.

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